boutique jewelry wholesale 14K ring.

boutique jewelry wholesale What is a 14K ring?

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  1. wholesale jewelry design 14K is the most common K gold type. The 14K ring is a rings with a gold content of 58.348%. If I have a K gold ring, I personally do n’t like it. I like the bright diamonds since I was young, because it exudes shiny reflex light. In the light or sunlight, the reflex light looks very beautiful. On the other hand, we all know that diamonds are the hardest things in nature, and it is eternal! So from the first time I saw a diamond ring in the movie, I deeply liked it. My dream in my heart was that one day in the future, there was a man who loved me who loved me in my palm. I customized a Levis diamond ring that requires a real -name customization of men, and then applied for me to make a promise: "In my name, I crowned your fingers, accompanied by your life, and with each other."

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