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  1. wholesale jewelry on consignment RSI is called a strong indicator, which uses the ratio of the average closing price increase to the average closing price decline in a certain period of time to reflect the trend of the stock market. So what is KDJ? Most people do not know very clearly about the KDJ indicator. So today, let's take a look at what the KDJ indicator is, and how we use this technical indicator to improve the fault tolerance rate of our short -term operation. Before starting, you may wish to get a wave of benefits-the selected bull stock list of the institution is released. Do n’t miss it if you pass by: [Telling the Secret] The list of cattle stocks recommended by the institution is leaked, and the speed-speed terminal! Intersection Intersection
    . What is KDJ?
    kdj indicators are random indicators, which are composed of the three curves of K -line, D line and J line. Through the pictures, you can know that K, D, and J are represented by different colors. Among them, the K line is quickly confirmed to confirm quickly. Line, line D means slow and fast main line, and line J refers to the bright and dark line. The floating range of the K value and D value is 0 ~ 100, and the fluctuation range of the J value can be less than 0 or more than 100, which can fluctuate wider. KDJ is a tool for judging the trend of the short -term market.

    . What are the practical skills of KDJ?
    1, how much is the parameter set?
    . Generally speaking, (9,3,3) is the default parameter of the system as the KDJ indicator, but in this parameter settings, KDJ fluctuates under the KDAA many times, and many investors do not have enough time to go to go to Thinking, let alone have time to keep up. So when talking about the person who operates super short -term, it is recommended to choose the following parameters according to their needs:
    (1) The parameter is (6,3,3): Then, when the frequency of changing increases, it is more, and more, more, more, and more Easy to find buying points and selling points;
    (2) The parameters are (18,3,3): The sensitivity of the buying and selling signals and indicators will be stable and maintained;
    (3) The parameters are (24,3,3) : This is still very suitable for mid -line investors to choose from, and the fault tolerance rate will increase a lot.
    2, how to use KDJ to operate individual stocks?
    This with 50 as the midline, we can also judge the strength of the two parties at this time according to the relative size of the three values ​​of the KDJ. It is not difficult to see that the power of multiple parties is very strong; assuming that these three values ​​are only changing around 50, it must be a multi -short force balance; if these three values ​​are less than 50, it means that the power of the empty side is very strong. There are also three different areas in operation: K, D, J, which are below 20, will be designated as a oversold area, which is a buying signal; if it is 80 or more Sell ​​signals; 20-80 are wandering areas, suitable for watching.
    It, you can also understand these forms:
    (1) Golden fork and dead fork: If the three values ​​of K, D, and J are less than 50, and the J and K lines will also be When breaking the D line together, it means that KDJ forms a golden fork, so it can be added on the same day, but when the three values ​​of K, D, and J are greater than 50, but when the J and K lines do not pass the D line, they represent KDJ Formed a dead fork, explaining that it is necessary to reduce the position on the same day, and the risk of callback can be prevented.

    is not difficult to see the golden fork formed by the yellow circle from the figure, so it is suitable for buying that day. Fork, then investors need to reduce positions to prevent losses from callback due to high positions.
    (2) Detaling and departure: When the stock is on the rise, but the corresponding KDJ indicator appears when each item is weak, in this way In this case, investors must reduce their positions and avoid the risk of callback. From the picture below, it can be seen that the general form:

    When the stock price is in a downward trend, the stock price is constantly innovating low, but If the corresponding KDJ indicator is higher than one, it marks that the form of the KDJ bottom departure is basically formed. At this time, investors can intervene at low, and keep paying attention to the later trend of individual stocks. From the picture below, it can be seen that roughly roughly as can be seen from the figure below. Form:

    In that in short, the KDJ indicator is just a technical means used to judge the market. If you want to accurately understand the trend of individual stocks, do not ignore the trend of the market, the timely affairs policy of the sector, etc. Many factors. There is really no time to study a friend of a stock. You may wish to click the link below, enter the stock code you want to know, and conduct in -depth analysis [free] to test your current valuation location?
    . The advantages and disadvantages of the KDJ indicator
    kdj indicators have the characteristics of sensitivity to the change of stock price changes, and can be used in short -term operations according to it. However, because the response speed of this indicator is too fast, sometimes the signal of buying or selling is premature, which may cause investors to make wrong operations. So how can we find the timing of perfect trading? Is it still useful for pure manpower technology? Try to click on the link below, AI intelligent judgment timing of sale, no hesitation: [AI auxiliary decision-making] Capture of the sale time

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  2. online jewelry wholesale The random indicator KDJ is generally a statistical system for stock analysis. According to statistical principles, the highest price, lowest price, and last calculation cycle closing price that appears in a specific cycle (often 9, 9 weeks, etc.) The proportion relationship between these three to calculate the immature random value RSV of the last calculation cycle, and then calculate the K value, D value and J values ​​according to the smooth moving average method, and draw a curve diagram to determine the stock Trend

    It use techniques
    1.k and D values ​​are always between 0 and 100. When D is greater than 80, the market is super buying. When D is less than 20, the market is oversold.

    2. In the upward trend, the K value is greater than the D value. When the K line breaks the D line up, it is to buy a signal. In the trend, K is less than D, and the K line is sold below D -line, and signals are sold.

    3.kd indicators can not only reflect the oversold of the market, but also send a sales signal by crossing breakthroughs.

    4.kd indicators are not suitable for stocks with small circulation and inadequate transactions, but the KD indicators are extremely accurate for large markets and popular large -cap stocks.

    5. When the random indicator and the stock price are deviated, it is generally a signal of the turn.

    6. The speed of rising or falling value of the value of the value of the D value weakens. The tiltness is slowing a early warning signal for a short -term rotation.

    The relatively strong indicator RSI is proposed by Welles Wilder and is an indicator to measure the internal relative strength of the securities itself.
    In principle of use
    ⑴ Restricted by the calculation formula, no matter how the price changes, the value of the strength indicators is between 0 and 100. For the strong market, below 50 indicates the disadvantaged market.

    ⑶ Volume between 70 and 30 strong indicators. When the six -day indicator rises to 80, it means that the stock market is overburning. If it continues to rise and exceeds 90 or more, it means that it has reached the warning area that has been severely bought. When it falls to 20, it means that the stock market is oversold. If it continues to fall below 10, it means that it has reached a severe oversold area, and the stock price is likely to have the opportunity to stop falling. The excessive buying value of the stock is different.

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