Scraping is actually very simple! The operation method of scraping

Scraping has the characteristics of convenient and practical, intuitive and easy to learn, rapid effect, obvious curative effect and so on. It is a kind of medical care method worth popularization and promotion. So, how to operate scraping specifically? The following gua sha factory introduces the operation method of scraping from the aspects of reinforcing and reducing techniques and operating steps.

(a) reinforcing and reducing techniques

Scraping techniques are divided into filling method, reducing method and filling flat reducing method. The reinforcing and reducing effect of scraping depends on the weight of the operating force, the speed, the length of time, the direction of scraping and other factors.

1. Complement method

Supplementing method is a method that can enhance the body's normal Qi and make the viscera function vigorous. The force of the scraping test is tiny, the scraping test speed is moderate, the stimulation time is longer, and the direction of the heart is carried out. It is suitable for patients with deficiency syndrome who are aged, frail, chronically ill, gravely ill or thin.

2. Reducing method

​The Purging method refers to the method of reducing pathogenic agents and restoring the normal function of hyperactivity. The force of the scraping test is large, the speed of the scraping test is rapid, the stimulation time is short, and the direction is away from the heart. Suitable for youthful, strong, fresh disease, acute disease or physical evidence of strong patients.

3. Flat supplement and flat purging method

Between the replenishment method and the reduction method, there are three scraping methods. The first pressing force is large, the speed of scraping test is moderate; ​the second pressing force is tiny, the speed of scraping test is quick; ​the third kind of press force is medium, moderate speed. ​The Pingbupingxie method is commonly used for normal people scraping health care or some patients with deficiency and solid.

​severe illness, deep lesions, but excellent physique or painful disease patients, scraping should be used with diarrhea method or Pingbupingxie method. When scraping with purging method or Pingbupingxie method, the scraping time of each part is typically in 3-5 minutes; ​use the supplement method to scrape, each part of the scraping time is 5-10 minutes. ​Normally, a patient should choose 3 to 5 sites for scraping.

In addition, the direction of scraping along the direction of meridians is the replenishing method, and the direction of scraping against the direction of meridians is the reducing method. The warm moxibustion after scraping is the tonic method, and the cupping after scraping is the diarrhea method.

(2) Operation procedures

The first step: according to the patient's condition, determine the scraping site and scraping technique. Then let the patient choose a natural and pleasant position that is easy for the operator to operate, and expose the scraping site.

Step 2: Scrub the skin of the scraping site with a hot towel, and then use 75% alcohol cotton ball to disinfect the scraping site, scraping equipment and operator's fingers.

The third step: in the scraping parts coated with a layer of lubricant, hand-held scraper and scraping parts into a 45 degree angle, flexible use of wrist force and arm force oblique scraping. The manipulation should be from light to heavy, with the patient's tolerance as the degree, and the force should be uniform and moderate.

The fourth step: scraping order is from top to bottom, from inside to outside. That is, first shave the neck, waist and back, then shave the chest and abdomen, and finally shave the limbs and joints. Specifically, the face is scraped from the inside to the outside, the head from the top of the head to the four sides, the neck from up to down, the waist back from the hill and from the inside to the outside, the chest from the inside to the outside, the abdomen from the top down, the limbs from the top down. Each part of the general first scraping Yang meridian, then scraping Yin meridian; ​shave the left side of your body, then the right side. Scrape one place and then scrape another place. Do not scrape in random order. At the same time, to scrape in one direction, can not scrape back and forth. Skin appearance spots, purple spots can be, not excessive scraping.

Fifth step: After scraping, patients should be allowed to wear proper clothes to prevent catching a cold. And drink 1 cup of boiling water to help detoxify.

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