Excuse me, what specialties, or small jewelry does Hainan have?

4 thoughts on “Excuse me, what specialties, or small jewelry does Hainan have?”

  1. 贝壳饰品与椰雕即是海南特色小饰品,椰雕有大有小的,盛产水果:椰子,山竹,人参果(人心果),火龙果,木瓜,蕃荔枝,菠萝蜜,菠萝,槟榔,龙眼,榴莲, Mango, Cafe, Banana, Banana, Persimmon, Watermelon, Lotus Mist, West Lotus, yellow skin, egg yolk, litchi, lumbar fruit, red Maodan, grapefruit, guava, green orange, sour beans, oily, Peach Jin Niang fruit, hair leaves, sugar cane, etc.; Non -fruit: cocoa, coffee, green tea, etc.

  2. There are also specialty jewelry: crystal jewelry, Hainan crystal is also very famous. For example, the largest crystal bed in the world is made of Hainan Crystal; and pearl jewelry and coral jewelry; , Xilian Lotus.

  3. There are many specialty products in Hainan, and there are many small jewelry; shellfish, coconut carvings; Hainan's pearls and the crystals of Tunchang are very good; I wish you a happy holiday.
    Beaous holidays, you and me;

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