How long has Hailibenon's history? Which series of jewelry is the most special?

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  1. Harry Winston Jewelery has developed from the beginning, and has a history of almost a century. Herry Winston is famous for its superb cutting technology. The jewelry designed later has become a symbol of rich life. The ring is one of the main flags of the brand. Thousands of women love it. Each series has devoted the designer to a lot of hard work and became a good product that passed down in the world.

    the is the latest luxury jewelry series launched by Harry Winston. The jewelry of this series of jewelry is unique and exquisite. The teacher not only designed this beautiful diamond ring. He also used his unique understanding to let us see the unique charm of Hairwinon jewelry. In front of the perfect gem design works, all words could not describe it to describe it. The beauty of beauty is just admiration.

    harry Winston's royal series is particularly distinguished on the gemstone in the selection of materials, just like the nobles in the royal family. Harry Winston's designer uses superb cutting skills and unique design understanding. The most beautiful material is presented in front of us. This royal series of luxurious jewelry selected a large number of colorful diamonds as its own raw materials, such as orange gear, colorful spar, shining red gemstones.
    In the last pure sapphire; these gems are all very precious, these most precious substances from nature are in Harry Winston. The designer's hands show the surprising beauty. When designing the Royal Series, the designer also deliberately checked some of the manuscripts that had been completed for the design. The most important manuscript was the old man named Xin De designed. Inspired by China and found the design inspiration. After many years, the current chief designer is still the first source of inspiration for nature as his design. Through the continuous cooperation between the designer and the cutting craftsman The colorful color.

    seen seawater sailor diamond ring: From ancient times, people often regard blue gems as the treasure of mermaids, or that blue represents luck. Blue stones are lucky stones , Sapphire is famous for its purity and thoroughness. Harry Winston weighs 16 kg on the sapphire on the sapphire ring. When we overlook this sapphire nearby The sailor at sea also regards blue stones as its own lucky stone. In ancient legends, the energy of blue gemstones comes from the pure water baptized in the sun. This gem ring is suitable for anyone to wear, because his temperament is really really Too special. It can purify all dirty atmosphere.

  2. How long has Hailibenon's history? Which series of jewelry is the most special? In 1932, Mr. Herry Winston founded his own brand-Hyere Winston, showing Rare Jewels of the World. Harry Winston (Harry Winston) grandly presented the new Xuanyi cluster Sparkling Cluster design jewelry series


  3. The world's top jewelry and watch brand Harry Winston, who enjoys the reputation of "King of Diamonds", adheres to the concept of consistent vanguard and advanced watchmaking. Watch masterpiece exhibition and VIP wine party ", praise brand unparalleled innovative spirit and superb craftsmanship.

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