How to hand -made DIY jewelry

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    1. Concept and design: The designer hand -drawn the sketch of his conception, and then use the drawing software to draw the sketch with the accurate size to complete the initial design drawings.
    2. Craftsman carving wax: Jewelry craftsman with reference to the design drawings manually carved out the wax version, and then pour out the silver version with the method of losing wax casting. This is the highest process in the jewelry production process. The silver version of the silver must be smooth and non -trace, the structure of each part is reasonable, and the position size of the inlaid gem is accurate.
    3. Plastic mold injection wax: After the rubber mold is turned on, the wax injection operation is performed. The wax in the wax injection machine should be kept between 70-75 degrees. The wax solution is injected into the glue film.
    4. Select the stones: According to the silver version and wax mold, select the size, shape and color of the stones.
    5. Complete the wax type: prepare all the wax version required for this batch production.
    6. Planting wax trees: Manually welded each wax ring to a wax rod separately, and finally obtained a wax tree that resembles a big tree, ready to cast
    7. The rubber chassis is weighed in front of the tree. After planting the wax trees again, the result of the twice weighing can be obtained by the weight of the wax tree. The weight of the wax tree is converted according to the density ratio of gold or silver. The amount of metal casting is obtained.
    8. Slash gypsum: Put the planted wax tree with the stainless steel tube together, and slowly inject the corresponding weight gypsum pulp along the inner wall of the steel tube. In hour, the gypsum is solidified.
    9. Baking gypsum: baking the gypsum mold, the effect is dehydration, drying and casting insulation.
    10. Take out the gypsum mold: Take out the baking gypsum mold and prepare the metal solution that needs to be cast at the same time.
    11. Pour the liquid gold: Inject the well -fused golden water, inject it from the water outlet.
    12. Corporation of centrifugal process: Use vacuum sensing centrifugal casting machine.
    13. Gypsum mold frying and cleaning: The plaster mold after casting is in a high temperature state. After removing from the casting machine, place it naturally for 10-30 minutes, and then put it in cold water for fried. After the gypsum bursts, take out the golden tree, brush off the large pieces of gypsum with steel, soak in 30%hydrofluoric acid for 10 minutes, and then rinse it to remove the remaining gypsum until the surface of the golden tree is clean.
    14. Cut the casting: Cut the jewelry on the golden tree along the bottom of the water inlet and dry it.
    15. The drum polishing process: Put the roller with stainless steel abrasives and active organic synthetic solutions, and the surface of the rotation is smooth and bright.
    16. Light process: All the light is carried out by hand, and the special -made knife is promoted back and forth on the surface of the jewelry. This process requires certain techniques and methods.
    17. Polishing process: Use polishing machine to polish and polish the jewelry until the surface is smooth and bright.
    18. Select diamonds: Sort the diamond manually, pick out the suitable color, cutting, and size matching, and prepare for inlaid.
    19. Inlaid diamond: Handmade inlaying each diamond.
    20 Quality control: fine inspection of the production of jewelry and fine inspection one by one to ensure the qualification of quality.

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