The meaning of various jewelry patterns

  23 Sep 2022

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  1. Wearing jewelry is the most auspicious meaning. Although it is simple and simple, "the picture must be intentional and the meaning must be auspicious" is the essence of the 7,000 years of wearing jewelry culture. What are the meanings of wearing different patterns?
    Butterfly: meaning love.当 Xianhe: Yipin is the dynasty.
    小 Five chickens: Five Son Dengke.
    Swan: purity, loyalty, noble.
    Spiders: Contentive Changle Hi fell from the sky.
    Crab: Because of the eight -footed rampant, it often symbolizes the wealth of wealth, and the wealth of money.
    The Beetle: Simply put, it is "rich world".鱼 Goldfish: The pattern with goldfish means Jinyu Mantang. : The pattern with a rooster is auspicious. Quail: The pattern with quail is safe. Gecko: With a gecko pattern, the meaning must be happy.百 百   : The pattern with hundreds of birds means a hundred birds to the phoenix.一 cicada: The meaning is alarming; you can also wear it for children, which means "smart"
    Carp: Carp jumping Longmen pattern implying flat clouds flying yellow Tengda. Reindeer: The pattern with deer implies that Fulu is often there. If Lu and the officials are together to say that the officials are affected by Lu. To toad: The pattern with a toad means rich and rich. If the cicada and the cinnamon are together, it means that the toad palace is folded.大 Elephant: The pattern with an elephant means auspicious or joyful elephant. If the elephant and the bottle are together to represent the elephant. Lion: With the lion pattern, the meaning is brave, the two lions said that everything is like. One of the big lions said that the master and the young master, ascended the meaning of high weight.鹊 Magpie: With the pattern of magpies, it means joy.
    The two magpies expressed the double joy. If the magpie and the dumplings are rejoicing together, if the magpie and the leopard are expressed by the news together, if the magpie and lotus are together, they are happy. Catfish: Most of them are called "more than a year" carved lotus leaf (lotus) carp (more than) and some are rides on carp;
    生 twelve zodiac signs: rats -spirit mouse to sinely, Rats and Rats, wealthy cows -twist (cow) to turn around, steaming tiger — tiger hostel thousand mile , Ling Rabbit Jiri Dragon -Longteng Yuntian, Da Zhan Hongtu Viper — Fulu Jade Snake, Golden Snake Flying Horses — Steak Pentium, Horse to Successful Sweet Sheep -Sheep Zhiqinghe, Sanyang Kaitai Monkey - The spirit monkeys offer birthday, and the seal of the seal, wearing monkeys also means to avoid villains.晓  -Golden Rooster News, Ji Yun is coming to the dog -the heart of boxing, the future is expected to be a pig -blessing pig auspicious, blessing Ping An

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