What kind of jewelry is suitable for wearing

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  1. Dai jewelry does not need to think so much, as long as you feel good -looking and like.
    I is four years younger than you, and I don't think so much when I wear jewelry.

  2. Bao head jewelry wearing common sense

    It jewelry and wearer's age, temperament, dress, occasion, etc., can reflect the beautiful characteristics and noble quality.

    older old -fashioned bracelets, through the thickness of gold, conveyed her rich experience and connotation; a delicate K gold bracelet reflected her pursuit of fashion in the wrist of young ladies. Essence

    has different temperament requirements for jewelry: those with cheerful personality, suitable for ruby; and introverted personality, more suitable for wearing sapphire jewelry.

    Jewelry is used to decorate our skin. The jewelry is officially as colorful as Western oil paintings; if you wear only a ring or bracelet, it is like the "white" of Chinese painting. In the formal occasion, when wearing a evening dress, because of the more exposed skin, the ring, earrings, necklaces, bracelets (bracelets) are needed, and a full set of jewelry is embellished. When participating in the banquet, the number of jewelry can be reduced accordingly. When wearing a random daily wear, wearing a jade bracelet or a ring is refreshing and elegant.

    The pearl is a necessary jewelry in the jewelry box. It is easy to match with other jewelry without being restricted by occasions, clothing, age, and temperament. When wearing multiple pieces of jewelry at the same time, it should be harmonious and unified in color and style. Ruby ring, sapphire earrings, emeralds, gold rings, and K gold bracelets are pleasing to the eye.

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