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  1. scarf pendant jewelry wholesale CS is fun, because CS is a good game, CF is imitating CS, and the CF’s diagram is too small, not as good as CS, and CS also has the second season of big disaster, which is very fun! Recommend C S strongly! Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection

  2. wholesale jewelry sighns Personally, CS is an eternal classic. Although CF is also good, I can no longer find the feeling and passion when playing CS on the night of the night. There are also people who always feel that the map screens and CS in the CF and CS Can’t compare, CS is good

  3. wholesale jewelry carrollton tx There used to be a game called CS
    summer night, the moon star is sparse. Under the ginkgo tree, an old man tells his grandson telling a story …
    Once, a company called Valve and made a masterpiece called Half-Life. The HL MOD, called CS, was called CS. Therefore, in the era of the FPS game without boss, the world was boiling
    to play for an analogy. A Internet cafe can have no games, but not without CS. Essence Essence
    . Once. Essence Essence Every day in an Internet cafe, I only eat one bread for a meal and I can’t bear to buy a bottle of water, because a bottle of water = an hour of Internet access fees. Essence Essence
    . Once. Essence Essence There is a ridiculous idea, and is willing to use a year of life to change the gunpowder. Essence Essence
    . Once. Essence Essence With such a news, a boy hurt others because of playing CS. Essence Essence Essence
    . Once. Essence Essence After such a tragedy, a college student played CS for a few days and nights in an Internet cafe and died in an Internet cafe. Essence Essence
    . Once. Essence Essence There are also enviable marriages, falling in love with CS, and entering the Temple of Marriage in reality. Essence Essence
    . Once. Essence Essence Because CS happens too much, how many people have changed the fate of CS. Essence Essence “
    Remember that I played countless games and changed countless games at that time at the Internet cafe
    but only CS has never changed
    . It is already a belief
    CS. More brothers and friends, we are happy together with sweet and sour and bitter
    everyone has their own glorious moments whether it is a melee or a game
    Whenever the bottom right corner 300 What is the sense of accomplishment?
    Whenever you are in the first name of 15 people, whether your name is blue or red, do you have such a small sense of accomplishment
    Whenever you 1vn, do you have such a small sense of accomplishment
    Whenever you have a ghost to save your teammates again and again, do you have such a small sense of accomplishment ? R n
    We from different places, we have different accents. We use different mouses and even the accurate colors we use on the screen
    but only it is destined that we are side by side for a lifetime side side by side The good brother of combat
    has a god -made MTV, from sweet coffee, one content makes me remember:

    dust2 t Press C4 on the A platform and then run to the platform next to A pit Holding AWP with
    a CT to dismantle and the T found that the ct that was being dismantled was ready to shoot

    , and another CT stopped it for his teammates. T’s bullets ……………..
    This at that moment my eyes were moist
    I we once worshiped countless CS stars
    Demo’s popularity in China tells us that CSER’s original AWP can be perverted
    sk 3D Col Fnatic Potti Heaton Ksharp from F0rest
    R N, but we can never surpass the realm of CS that cannot surpass the realm brought to us
    becaude of you
    ill never forget
    to my best love
    Counter-Strike n n r
    is all once. Now, Internet cafes are no longer grabbing body like thunder. Now, no one will stand behind you when you swipe your screen. Now, there are Cross Fire or Alliance of Valiant Arms. The advertisement of the cottage now …

    The no matter where you come from your technology, no matter which star you worship or even you worship
    , but please never forget the name

    The forever AK M4 Forever AWP. Essence Essence Forever CS

    The famous quotes of sweet coffee and CS poetry
    nTO Crush the sham of life with gun.

    to annotate the essence of life with.

    In the sound of gunfire, the youth passed silently,
    does not pass the opinions, and the once -tender face has also engraved the decay of the years. When a happy smile appears on his face,
    also only understands it. For the last moment, for the game, the Strike
    C4’s countdown bells, but there is never the loud noise.
    Because of the empty cave, all sparks produced after the C4 explosion have been tolerated. There are also death -like loneliness and tranquility.
    It is not far away, how quiet the silence is.

    CS, you are my memory and my life
    like CS Go Go Go endless progress
    CS is also your first dream to become the CS session. M4 Madman
    CS, although you are a game, you have changed me
    I I was an ignorant child
    is the cruelty you taught me to my reality n
    is you who taught me to be strong
    and you have a group of good brothers who can’t be separated

    cs, you are no longer a game, you are my life
    , my life is very happy to meet you in contact with you
    You you have also sent me the first vow:
    will always be with you

    CS on the future competitive stage It is always the best
    because of you before we feel your comrades … Friends …..
    The joy brought to us

    ….. The passion that Go Go Go gives us
    The bloody shout hangs through the sky
    The crispy AK roar in the air

    CS You are you Faith, let us believe in your comrades
    CS, you are spiritual, let us use your spirit to use your own hard work to use your own efforts
    In the middle we threw all unhappy on the side

    CS fanatics
    It people say that CS is just a violent bloody fighting game
    Dalvation in it

    , but the real trap is everywhere
    The bloody violent fighting is everywhere
    Wans we want to pursue is only the happiness that the world brings us to us. .

    Please remember [CS] this game that changed many people’s life.

    Please remember the happiness and passion that [CS] brought to us.

    Please remember many of the beautiful things that [CS] brought to us.

    Please remember the game of [CS] forever.

    He even if [CS] is eliminated and FPS is eliminated, but our group of CSERs will never give up our [CS]

    It disappeared in the Internet cafe’s game list, but we will use any time to download, install, and open it.

    Homing even if [CS] is called garbage in the mouth of garbage such as CF and AVA, then they may be more garbage than garbage.

    , but [CS] is always our love. It is always our spirit. It is always our true meaning.

    CF, AVA and other garbage, you are not qualified to play CS, you can’t understand the spirit and realm of CS, you can not understand the friendship you get in CS, you can not understand the CS Bring us happiness. You, you are not worth playing CS!

  4. raw brass jewelry findings wholesale Of course, CS is fun, you don’t want to think about TX’s food like
    First of all, many CS players have a soft spot for CS, but CF you see what it is changed to TX to make money. Those The AK47 that the gun is purely playing for the child does not need to press the avatar to hit the watermelon as the most angry that makes me feel most angry. The ordinary gun TX of the M4A1 actually divided it into a muffler and a muffler without a muffler. CS is right -click to install the muffler. There are a lot of guns. TX changes the color and exaggerates a lot of money. How admired the game before the birth of CF 1997 In 1997, almost 90%of the computer in the world was installed with CS1.6. It can be seen how much CSOL is also the most launched game. Some map guns are originally originally launched. The biochemical mode does not want CF to change the game. People walk like a skating. If you have money in CF, you spend 20 pieces to let you hang up. Three heavy knives are died or shovel, no matter how many levels you are, you will always be a master of garbage
    . If you go to play CF, you will find that hanging is full of flying! This person used that person to use the ghost to use the stealth and the acceleration is too unfair. kicked!
    . However, CS and CSOL have almost no G and have been kicked.
    So people who play CF as soon as they see G and ask the CS people who kick away or call the police or appeal
    cf to play If you are good, it is said that if the G CS is well played, it is admired by people
    CSOL ’s biochemistry. The gun and toy are almost
    csol, everyone equal CF VIP, casual T
    I said so much, I don’t want to play what to play, I don’t just play cs. Garbage game hopes LZ to make a choice

  5. wholesale jewelry supplies san antonio Of course, CS is fun. CF is first of all a cottage game. His prototype is CS. Secondly, in terms of fairness: 1. CF spend money to buy good equipment (guns, grenade, bulletproof coats, daggers, etc.), if you don’t spend money, how can you do someone else ….. 2. CF’s injury judgment is very low. For example, a bullet hit the head, no matter which part of your head, the HP you hurt is the same, and the CS is different. To determine the size of the HP you injured. 3. The CF character model is inconsistent with walking movements, and it feels like the feeling of walking and one card (there is a short pause during the walking process). The CS design is very good, so CF’s sniper rifle feels much easier than CS. 4. The design industry used by CF guns is not good. No matter what guns feel, it feels like a routine (this can be heard by listening to the sound, the rhythm of the gun is not strong), and the CS must be based on the long and close distance and the gun. Different selection of shooting methods (there are shooting, single -point shooting, two consecutive hair, three consecutive hair, and four consecutive hair). 5. CS can communicate directly with others when the network server is fighting. You will find that there are a lot of fun during the communication process. Secondly Instead, others were misunderstood as plug -in and voted to propose a server. 6. CS is a competitive game. CF is an online game. There are many international competitions in CS. There are no CF. It only has some games in China.
    Anyway, I ca n’t tell a lot, so I will provide you with some shallow views I know …

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