2.1 How much is carat diamond ring?

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  1. It's hard to say. The two carat diamond rings are between 10-1 million, mainly determined by the diamond 4C parameters. In addition, such as styles, materials, brands, services, etc., it also has a greater impact on the price of diamond ring. It is recommended to refer to a few more. The big name is still the big name. There are many, such as Tiffany, Levis, Cartier, etc. !!!!

  2. The price of diamonds has a lot to do with its own quality. The most important thing is to look at the 4C of Diamond. 4C means cutting. Color, clarity, weight.
    The landlord did not say the specific 4C, it was impossible to estimate the price
    Id several 4C as a reference. 2.1 carat, E color, VVSI clarity, 3EX cut, naked diamond price is about 450,000
    2.1 carats, G colors, VS1 clarity, 3EX cut, naked diamond price is about 230,000
    2.1 carats , I color, VS1 clarity, 3EX cut, naked diamond price is about 160,000
    This is just the price of naked diamonds in online jewelry stores. If you go to physical stores, the price may be several times more expensive. The price of the diamond ring is the price of bare diamonds rings processing costs. The processing fee is generally 300. The rotor depends on what kind of material you choose. It is recommended to choose 18K gold, because 18K gold inlaid diamonds are hard and firm.

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  4. 2.1 carat's diamond ring should generally be not too expensive, it should be around 100,000 yuan. Many people will say that the price of 1 carat diamond ring should be around 30,000 to 40,000. How can 2.1 carat's diamond ring be so expensive? Do n’t you understand this yet? If you have money, it is wayward! Of course, this is a joke. You know, the quality of this diamond ring is not as simple as 1 plus 1 equal to 2. Of course, the purity of the diamond on the ring is different, so the price is indeed increasing multiplication!
    It, in fact, it is not only the carat of the diamond ring to buy a diamond ring, but also many things are worthy of reference. For example, the diamond ring of the same brand is different. Of course, the price is different. It is not determined by carats. Like the shape of the ring. The materials of the ring are very important. It is not just the diamond on the ring that determines the final price. This is determined by many factors.
    of course, one aspect is the brand of the ring. The price of a ring is different. It is likely to be determined by the brand of the ring. Even the same carat number, the price of the ring is different, like Tiffany's ring, which is 2 carats, some small shops on the street, the ring is also 2 carats, the price will definitely make people fall off the glasses!
    Actually choosing a ring is a science. Remember that when a friend got married, let me help choose the ring and want a one who is neither uncomfortable nor too expensive. No, I also read it at the time. It was not bad to see this ring at the time. At that time, I said, yes, later I learned that the real -name Case of this ring means "in the name of me, the crown you fingers, , Accompanied by life, after the "ring comes back, he doesn't like it!
    In fact, sometimes, the number of brands and carats is secondary. The key is to see it!
    E every Levis customization requires real -name system: in the name of me, crown your fingers; accompanied by your life, the same life!
    Levis diamond ring:

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