Advertising language for purchasing on behalf

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  1. 1. If you have treasure in your heart, you can Amoy the world. If you have love in your heart, you can become a shopping agent! 2. I appreciate your daring to pursue. Haitao is willing to be with you. 3. When the "take it" principle is in progress, online global boutiques are helping people buy on behalf! 4. I can see the world on the map, and I can buy the world on behalf of you. 5. Times have changed and our vision is far away. As long as you want, I'll be there. 6. Help me buy, let you buy, simple, laugh. 7. Save visa, air ticket and fatigue, and help you buy overseas. 8. We work hard day and night, and you can buy it as easily as drinking tea. 9. They travel across the sea so that you can sit at home and wait for the arrival of your beloved. 10. Time and space are not a problem. Move your fingertips to help you get it. 11. There's no need to go overseas, because there's enough to buy here

    12. Distance is not a problem. The problem is that it is easier to save money and worry
    13. Be a hardworking turtle, wash the sand and surf, bring your love to the other side of the ocean, and let you enjoy the life of "returnees" easily
    14. Why do you have to cross the sea for shopping? It's easy and wonderful
    15. We are happy about this. The things of Xinyi belong to us
    16. Help me buy things on behalf of others and make fast shopping. From here on, I will create a minimalist life
    17. Buy for me. I can't tell you if I want to. I promise to deliver it to you
    18. Close the distance between you and the world, and face the world directly here
    19. Help me to buy on behalf of you. I have reason to let you enjoy all the best goods overseas, even if you stay at home
    20. Collect North American boutiques, overseas shopping for Japanese treasures, and help you buy them on behalf to provide you with the most worry free service
    21. When domestic online shopping is full of life, we begin to confuse, thinking that sales volume is quality and quantity is choice.

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