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  1. Chenzhou mining stock code 002155.
    The former Hunan Chenzhou Mining Co., Ltd., formerly known as the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry Xiangxi Gold Mine, has more than 130 years of gold mining history. Xiangxi Gold Mine was converted into a large state -owned state -owned controlling enterprise in Hunan Province on December 25, 2000. In 2005, it introduced Tsinghua Science and Technology Venture Corporation, China -Belgian Direct Equity Investment Fund, CITIC Union Entrepreneurship Investment Company and other well -known domestic and foreign enterprises. Strategic investors have increased capital and share capital and share their capital, and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange after completing the first public offering in 2007. The company's stock is referred to as "Chenzhou Mining", and the securities code is "002155".
    The expansion information:
    1. The headquarters of Chenzhou's headquarters belongs to one of the main golden production bases in my country. And the major domestic companies developing tungsten ore.
    2. The company integrates geological exploration, acquisition, selection, smelting, transportation, mechanical construction and metal deep processing. It has the leading international golden mines and fine -sophisticated separation technology. The company has 30 tons/ year gold purifying production line, 20,000 tons/ year refinement smelting production line, 20,000 tons/ year multi -variety oxide production line, 5,000 tons/ year of ammonium ammonium acid ammonium production line, 2,000 tons/ year high -purity oxide production line and other products Deep processing capabilities are comprehensive members of the Shanghai Gold Exchange and standard gold ingot providers.
    3. The company successfully passed the ISO9001 -2000 international quality system certification. The "Chenzhou" brand gold ingots, cricket ingots, ammonium ammonium, and oxidation quality produced by the "Chenzhou" brand are well -known in China, Southeast Asia and Europe and the United States. Chenzhou Mining has been pursuing the harmony of mine production and ecology, realizing the harmlessness of mine development, pursuing the safety production concept and human environment of "focusing on life, focusing on health, and emotion", focusing on the comprehensive utilization of mineral resources and the sustainable mining sustainable mining resources Development, in December 2006, was awarded the honorary title of "Comprehensive Enterprise of the National Mining Resources" by the Ministry of Land and Resources, and was rated as a national green mine for many years.

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