Customized diamond ring in jewelry shop

I bought a wedding diamond ring in Mingpai Yinlou in Shaoxing, and now I want to change the style, but I don't want to change the diamond; the waiter said that it can be customized, but I do n’t know, so will my original diamond be safe?

3 thoughts on “Customized diamond ring in jewelry shop”

  1. The diamond ring you originally bought does not know if there is a certificate issued by the national authority
    It the certificate of the diamonds you buy on the certificate. The test is required, the level of the detected level is the same as the previous certificate
    indicating that the diamond is not replaced
    . Of course, it is best to make the diamonds made by the same detection station
    Never be exchanged

  2. If your diamonds are more than 30 points, you don't have to worry about it. I bought a 32 -point score in Yidiang Jewelry. People not only have the GIA certificate issued by the United States, but also the anti -counterfeit laser encoding on the diamond waist. Can't change it, haha.

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