Does Lin Feng and Liufu Jewelery renew their contracts?

Listening to friends said that the contract between Lin Feng and Liufu Jewelery expired. I wonder if anyone knows that Lin Feng has renewed the contract with Liufu Jewelry?

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  1. Yes, I have.
    Liufu Jewelry once again invited Lin Feng as the spokesperson
    Lin Feng was again favored by advertisers, renewing Liufu Jewelry Domestic LOVEFOREVER Evergrande series spokesperson, reaching 7 digits. Yesterday, Lin Feng went to the Chaiwan Industrial Center to shoot hard photos. The production unit was perfect. He specially invited the famous photographer Zhang Wenhua to personally shoot. Lin Feng appeared with three different styles to match the romantic and warm theme of advertising. Jewelry dealers have always used women as spokespersons. Liufu Jewelry has been invited to Lin Feng for the first time since the previous year, bringing unlimited freshness to customers.
    The introduction of Liufu Group:
    Liufu Group is mainly engaged in the procurement, design, retail and wholesale business of various types of gold jewelry, gold decoration, diamond jewelry, natural jadeite, gems and other accessories. The Group currently has more than 580 Liufu jewelry retail stores in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, China, the United States and Canada. The Group will continue to use new business opportunities in the international market to cooperate with its core brand value of "Hong Kong Famous Brand International Express". (Handsome map of the Liufu Jewelery for a young master)

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