Gold consumption tax rate

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  1. Legal analysis: Gold consumption tax is levied by a 10%tax rate at a tax rate of 5%. The scope of reduction of 5%of the consumption tax is limited to gold, silver and gold -based, silver -based alloy jewelry, as well as inlaid jewelry of gold, silver and gold, and silver -based alloy. Taxable jewelry within the above scope still levies consumption tax at a 10%tax rate.
    Legal basis: Article 3 of the "Interim Regulations on the Consumption Tax of the People's Republic of China" Consumer goods (hereinafter referred to as taxable consumer goods) that shall pay the consumption tax (hereinafter referred to as taxable consumer goods) shall calculate the sales of different tax rates, respectively The number of sales; if the sales, the number of sales is not calculated, or the taxable consumer goods of different taxes are sold for a complete set of consumer goods, the tax rate is high.

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