How do people who recycle old gold make money?

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  1. Golden shops can be seen everywhere on the streets and alleys, and people seem to have never stopped for thousands of years of admiration for gold; shops that correspond to the recovery of gold can also be seen everywhere. The stores have the business of recycling gold.
    Cenked advertising for gold can be seen everywhere. A friend, the advertising fee spent on Baidu's bidding every day is 500 . It can be seen that the recycling gold profit is still comparable. Ke's profits are 10 ~ 30 yuan, and some are even more.
    The price of gold recovery is determined by international gold prices, and the international gold price fluctuates, sometimes rising, sometimes falling, but overall still rose. Many people say Is the profit? For example, this profit is normal.
    Gold recycling requires qualifications. If the qualifications given by the state, if there is no qualification, then obtain the authorization of a qualified company; if there is no qualification and no authorization, you cannot talk about it. Just not to talk about safety.
    How to verify the true and false of gold?
    "Gold" has been regarded as currency circulation and products since ancient times.
    1, weighing its weight, the same volume of products, gold must be heavier than other products;
    2, the software and hardness are drawn, the characteristics of gold are soft, the gold and silver are soft, and the tooth mouth is good. There is no problem with the edge of one seal.
    3, the fire burns its body skin, it will be divided into the real and false fire as soon as the fire burns, and the gold is heated to about 1,000 degrees. After the redness, it is naturally cooled. If there is no change in the color, it proves that it is true gold.
    The advantages of the recycling industry:

    1. In the early stage, the store was eliminated, no need to hire people, hundreds of tools, and no need to join.
    2. With less funds, most gold jewelry weight is basically 10-30 grams. According to our current recovery price of 400 grams, the approximate capital is about 10,000 yuan, and the profit of one gram is 10-20 yuan. Of course, in some small counties, its profits can reach 30-50 yuan per gram. I believe everyone can count this account.
    3. Without pressing the funds, the goods recovered on the same day were shot on the same day, and the funds were immediately returned.
    4. Single -player operation, current customers are basically required to receive goods. You only need to bring our tools to come to the door to recycle.
    5. Gold recovery prospects, why do we sell gold when we go to the gold recovery store, and most of the gold shops have no recycling business? Because if he collects the old gold, he will leave the impression of selling old gold for customers. So this industry will continue to be replaced.

  2. Those who recycle the old gold mainly make money by the district difference and recycle gold. Most of them are jewelry that everyone does not like, or the gold bars purchased before the family, etc. Relatively low, the simplest income is to earn the difference. For example, the current price of gold is 300, 280, which can be profitable. rn扩展资料:rn回收黄金流程流通rn对于黄金首饰和金条,其回收的一般流程是:电话联系→会面→称重→确认成色→确认价格→确认到款→ Delivery → Completion of recycling.
    The general circulation channels recovered on the market are: Gold Recycling → Gold Refinery → Shanghai Gold Exchange Transaction → Gold Unit → Consumers. China's largest golden refinery is the Golden Refinery of Shandong, with more than 200 tons of refining gold in the annual refining.

  3. If the money is made, if the current gold quotation on the market is 280 yuan, the possible price for recycling gold is only about 230 yuan per gram, and then sells 270 yuan, which may be higher. The price between the 230 yuan and 280 yuan is called the difference, and the price between the 270 yuan for the 270 yuan is also called the difference.

    The difference between the difference refers to the difference in the price of different levels, different delivery months, different commodities, and different delivery locations. It also refers to the difference in price differences caused by different conditions, such as the difference between wholesale and retail, regional differences, and seasonal differences. The difference between purchase and selling goods is the main part of some businessmen's profit.

  4. When changing the new accessories of the old gold, we must first weigh the old gold to remove the impurities. Some gold's purity does not reach sufficient gold, especially some of the old gold shops from small gold shops, and then according to the actual weight of the old city. Based on the price of gold recovery on the day, the total price of the old cashier is calculated.

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