How many grams of marriage?

  24 Sep 2022

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  1. It is usually 5000-10000 yuan. The traditional three gold refers to the gold ring, gold necklace, and gold earrings. When purchasing, it is calculated in gram. If you use a diamond ring to replace the gold ring, the budget will be more than 10,000 yuan.
    The three golds are gold rings, gold necklaces and gold earrings, and sometimes they are gold bracelets, gold rings, and gold necklaces. Generally speaking, the weight of the gold ring is about 3-6 grams, the gold necklace is generally 10-20 grams, and the gold earrings are 4-6 grams. The cost of the traditional wedding three gold is between 0.5-11,000 yuan. Generally, the man's family will prepare about 30,000 yuan to be a spare money for marriage.
    The budget for marriage and buying three gold
    1, less than 1100,000

    Three gold below 10,000 yuan are gold rings, gold earrings and gold necklaces. The materials are all gold, which can be 4-6 grams of gold rings, 10-15 grams of gold necklaces, and 3-5 grams of gold earrings. Its budget is between 6000-7500 yuan.
    2, 1.0-15,000 yuan
    is also a traditional three gold, but the selected gold jewelry can be more. For example, 4-6 grams of gold rings, 15-20 grams of gold necklace, 3-5 grams of gold earrings, and 10-15 grams of gold bracelets.
    3 or more
    Generally speaking, the three golds of more than 15,000 yuan are already generalized three gold. It contains diamond rings, emerald and other jewelry. Because young people prefer to wear these things now. At this time, use a diamond ring to replace the traditional gold ring.

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