How to recruit agents on WeChat to sell crystal bracelets

4 thoughts on “How to recruit agents on WeChat to sell crystal bracelets”

  1. 1. Grasp the channels, and start covering the intention of the intention from the circle of friends.
    2, contact and add to WeChat group directly related to crystal, WeChat public account for publicity and promotion.
    3, channels other than WeChat, related interest groups, online interactive groups, stickers, WeChat, Taobao merchants and other channels to cover, and use WeChat channels to communicate, communicate, and later agency matters.
    4, using micro -shops, micro -mall and other channels to cover the seller's market and publish agency information. There is a wholesale zone in Weidian. Although it is looking for an agent, the micro -shop must also take care of it to facilitate the agent to see the goods.

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