Is the takeaway pumping bag environmental protection?

1 thought on “Is the takeaway pumping bag environmental protection?”

  1. Yes.
    This pocket pockets are another cloth bag that is happy after the environmental protection shopping bag comes out. Put on the mouth of the bag with a single root or double -root drawing, and play the effect of pumping to make the bag tighter. Pumping pockets, also known as pulling bags, shrinking pockets, flat pockets, beam shoe bags, etc.
    The classification of pocket pocket pockets, can be classified by material; can be classified by style; can be classified by function. 1) Classified by material: The material of the pocket pocket of drawing rope is: non -woven cloth pocket, polyester pocket pocket, coloring cloth pocket, velvet cloth pocket, Oxford cloth pocket, nylon beam pocket, etc.; 2), classification by style classification : Split the pocket style: one -sided drawing pocket pocket and bilateral pocket pockets; ① Unilateral drawing bundle pockets are often used as oversized laundry bags and logistics companies express delivery bags; trumpets are mostly shoebags. ② Pocket pockets on bilateral pumping rope are often used for sports shoe bags, cycling, and simple backpacks; and various accessories packaging, gift decoration, etc.

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