Model with ZBRUSH first

ZBRUSH modeling introduction> Maya wiring, bone, and animation. Then use AE, NU, Boujou and other post -synthesis> finished products. I don't know if I can do it.

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  1. You can go to [网 网 网] website to find the [free] video tutorial of the "ZBURSH Modeling" sector- [Click to enter] complete entry to the proficient video tutorial list: /school /3dmodel? Type = 4

  2. You can use Maya as a bottom mold (reasonable wiring, can be used as an animation) to export the model to ZBRUSH as a high model, and then find or replace the stickers in ZBRUSH, and post it back to the bottom mold in Maya (let The bottom mold has rich details), and then bones, animations, and synthesis.

  3. You can use Maya as a bottom mold (you do n’t need to consider too much wiring. The Goz of ZB4 achieves seamless mutual guidance with Maya, which can be modified immediately), ZBRUSH as a high model Pay attention to the wiring), and then render the texture of the method line, AO, replacement, etc. (Recommended XNORMAL speed, good quality), post on the bottom mold, then use PS processing maps, and then animation or something.

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