Precautions for Diamond Ring

What are the precautions for diamond ring? What brand of diamond ring is better?

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  1. First, we must pay attention to avoid collision with hard objects; diamond culture originated in Europe, and is a more noble aristocratic culture than golden culture. Therefore, when wearing a diamond ring, you must pay attention to cultivation, and you should not do severe physical or sports. In this way, it not only reflects the noble connotation of diamond culture, but also protects the diamond ring that is not easy to wear.

    Secondly, do not put the diamond ring into the cold and hot environment. Because the diamond ring is completely inlaid by the grip of the metal, although the diamond is relatively hard, it will be loose or even shedd due to the reasons of the metal thermal expansion and contraction, which will cause unnecessary huge losses at that time. Therefore, try to avoid wearing a diamond ring.

    Third, when wearing an 18K gold inlaid diamond ring, try to avoid contact with chemicals. Because the 18K golden color is golden yellow, and when inlaid diamond ring, it is generally plated. If you often contact chemicals (such as: bath liquid, hand washing solution, vinegar, etc.), it is easy to corrode the electroplating layer and expose the primary color of 18K gold -golden yellow. Therefore, it is recommended not to wear diamond rings, bath, wash hands, or chemical experiments.
    Fourth, when wearing a diamond ring, avoid collision or friction with hard objects such as metals to avoid precious metals from being rubbed or diamonds. Big, the more brittle)
    In short, although wearing a diamond ring can be matched with various costume styles, it can only be accompanied by Sven. Therefore, people who wear diamond rings must never forget the word Siwen on various occasions. As long as you develop the habit of Sven, you can produce the best maintenance of the diamond ring.

    Fifth, the diamond ring is relatively vulnerable to the pollution of oil and fat. Once the surface of the diamond appears oil, you can choose a soft jewelry and jade cloth or glasses.
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  2. 1. Try not to wear when taking a bath. Because many diamond rings are in platinum, Platinum will react with some ingredients in soap, which will affect the gloss of the diamond ring ring.
    2. Do not wear it when doing housework. Due to the friction of the chopsticks, the appearance of the ring is scratched. And some detergent may also hurt the diamond ring.
    3. Properly adjust the looseness of the diamond ring. Some women have a blessing state after production. Therefore, in the process of wearing a diamond ring, they should loosen the diamond ring as much as possible to avoid the effect of their fingers thicker and affect the effect of wearing diamond rings. This is the point. It is also particularly worthy of our attention.
    The ring is a decorative jewelry worn on the fingers. The ring can be worn by women and men, and the materials can be metal, gem, plastic, wood or bone. The rings are passed to the folk, and its role is not only simple decorations. Men and women love each other and give each other. Shanmeng oaths as evidence.
    diamond Greek ADEMAS represents the meaning of uninterrupted conquest. It is the hardest one in Yunyun gemstones. The ancient Romans have always believed that it represents life and eternity, and by the 15th century, it has been identified as a symbolic meaning of marriage that is unmoved.

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