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  1. Introduction to Zhaocai:

    It is said to be a kind of god beast in ancient Chinese mythology and legends. The faucet, horse body, Lin's feet, shaped like lions, gray hair, and flying. It is the ninth king of the Dragon King. This son, can make the clouds driving the fog, order the thunder, the rainfall is sunny. His son, thousands of times the father, growing up, looks like golden toads, dough -in scales, nail shapes like unicorn. You can recruit Babe Fortune, you can gather treasures, you can't get in, magical and unique.

    The words of the emperor of the Jade Emperor held a birthday banquet to banquet the Dragon King for a banquet. I knew this, so I had to go with her father. The Dragon King had to agreed too much. The staple food of 貔貅 is gold and silver jewelry, naturally full of treasure, compared with other three -legged toads that are also auspicious beasts, etc., they are called more heads, so they have won the love of the emperor and Dragon King. Above the banquet, because the things that the 貔貅 and the gods eat are very different, I go to find food by themselves, and as a result, I put it in the Golden and Silver Jewelry of the Palace Lingtang, and I have a habit of urinating. I always diarrhea, so I couldn't help but drowned, causing the emperor of the Jade Emperor to be angry. As a slap, when the buttocks were hit, the asshole was blocked. After this allusions spread, the cricket was regarded as a beast that recruited money into the treasure.

    On the fall of the world, it was once named Emperor by the emperor. Because 貔貅 is a special thing for the royal family, it is usually placed in the gate of Wangling, the study or internal affairs database, which is used to open the country. Invasion of its dragon veins is by no means that ordinary officials and the people can use it. Later, they were also known as Tianlu, the meaning of Tianfu blessing, and because of the various beasts and evil spirits, it was also known as "avoiding evil". The largest corrupt officials and gentleman houses in the Qing Dynasty-Gongwang Mansion's tribute to all kinds of tribute, which is precisely because the emperor's love for it. The matter is not described in this matter. The care of the care, He Hengtong, has always been the richest man in ancient times, and his money was better than the palace. There are twenty -six types of 貔貅 in the legend,

    seven -seven or forty -nine incarnations. No, at the same time, you can set off evil spirits in the town, specializing in the master's power to gather wealth. Gu Xian believes that life is destined, but the luck can change. Therefore, the people have a strong luck, and then touching the fortunes of the fortune, and the beautiful wishes of the three touching Qingyun. In particular, it is the strongest to urge wealth with jade systems. It has special effects on urging wealth, changes, avoiding evils, and protecting the body. If you are in your hand, you will have a lot of money and wealth for a lifetime.

    The Emperor Bai Ruitang Supreme is a series of wealthy beasts built in 2012. It opened twice a year. After two years, the Lord has been tested for 2 years. It has sufficient tricks. Fortune energy. After the opening of the light, the Supreme Supreme has a powerful and powerful spiritual and characteristics. It can help the owner to recruit financial resources, bite money, and further keep the treasury. In terms of wealth, the Supreme Master can help the owner change the magnetic field to make the cause and financial fortune in terms of career and wealth. I want to make a wealth of wealth. When the owner does business or has business opportunities, it can help the owner to bite any business opportunities to make the business go smoothly.

    It, if you really want to ask the emerald to open the light, you must choose the regular Berryang to ask. Bailuitang is a regular auspicious cultural service agency. In 2012, 9,000 Zunzunzun has been creating the most in China. The puppets not only invite domestic fate, but also Chinese and other Chinese dwellings such as Singapore and the United States are also scrambling to buy. They are the domestic auspicious cultural leadership brand. If you choose the Bailitang Supreme Mo, this will solve the problem of how the emerald cricket opened.

    The lighting method of recruiting wealth:

    . Please open the light (reliable index: ★★★★★)
    Recommended Bailuitang Supreme I am a national formal registered trademark. There are also trademark registration certificates, and you can also ask customer service. The Kaiguang Temple is the top temple in China. And the lighting method is also the most authentic and spiritual inspection. It is the steps when the lighting method is opened. After the opening of the eyes, the sealing is immediately sealed, and the light is continued after the sealing. Wisdom is fuller, and wealth transshipment capabilities are more spiritual. In such a guaranteed Kaiguang 貔貅 specialty store, our rights and interests will be protected by full authority, and there will also be a service that uses merits to replace the Lord and pray for blessings.

    This: We must show the business license and trademark registration certificate when choosing a puppet, so that we can also be guaranteed by ourselves. n
    . Go to the temple or the Taoist view (reliable index: ★★★★★)
    The common method to go to the temple to open and go to the Taoist view of how to open the light. The reason why this is the third way is convenient and spiritual. When we go to the temple, we can ask the knowledge of the monks to open the light and where to open the light. Generally, the guest monks will answer and guide. Wait, let's ask for clearly. Temples generally have Law Logistics, and we can also go there to find the light mage to open it.

    This: How much does we call merit? Most of them will choose Geely's numbers to please color heads, such as 88 yuan, 158 yuan, 168 yuan, 188 yuan, 888 yuan, etc., and also to add merits based on their own strength. The argument of spirituality is still related to Master Kaiguang as mentioned above. If you are worried that the Kaiguang Master is not good or feels troublesome to go to the temple, you can refer to the first one to directly invite Bailitang Supreme.

    . The light of myself (reliable index: ★★ ☆)
    This is the third that is the opening of the light. The reason why it is called the root is because the rain is not on the ground, so there is no root. Then look for yin and yang water, (there are several ways to say yin and yang water here, dear, pay attention, the controversy is here ... The first statement is to mix cold water and boiling water. This is called Yin and Yang water. Water and hot spring water are mixed, this is also called yin and yang water. I don't know what to do, so many water comes to open the light. So I ignore this first, and we will go down.) The root water was three days and three nights, and then the cricket was finished with tea oil. In this way, it will be completed by yourself.

    This: Now PM2.5 is so high, the rain is sour rain, and it is gray in the car. In addition, the host is in Shanghai, and the well water cannot be found. If it is not good, it will affect my beloved emerald. In view of this, it is the first one to ask Bai Ruitang Supreme or the second one to go to the temple to open the light.

    . The natural opening (reliable index: ★ ☆)
    place the place where the cricket can be exposed to the sun and the moonlight at the same time and put it for 16 days and nights to absorb this absorption in this way. The aura of the sun and the moon can naturally reach the light.
    This is the easiest way to look open, but I want to tell everyone that this is wrong! We think about it with common sense, sunlight and moonlight for 16 days. Half a month, even if the north is good, who can guarantee that the south can guarantee that it will not rain in half a month. So this method is not reliable. It is better to choose the first method and the second method.

    貔貅 Supporting method:
    . Wearing the pendant of the 貔貅 pendant
    1. Vollowing.
    2. When wearing a pendant, you can do it inside and outside. Do not let others touch it when you are outside. When you inside, you must clean it. Wipe it clean with water.
    3. Do not see blood when wearing the pendant, blood will pollute the spiritual power of 貔貅 to recruit money.
    4. The effect of wearing the open pendant and transshipment will only appear, and only decorations can only be decorated.
    5. The most important puppet is Bai Ruitang's Supreme Puppet. The opening of the light will be opened and then blessed for seven days and seven nights.
    6. Take off your puppets when taking a bath and intercourse.
    7. When the flashing light is turned on, you should remove or put it in the clothes.

    . The placement of the ornament of the 貔貅 貔貅 ​​r n1. When placing the Bailuitang Supreme 貔貅, you should head towards the window or the door.
    2. Do not place your puppets at the mirror.
    3. Do not let your head facing the toilet when you place your cricket.
    4. Do not let your 貔貅 higher than yourself when you place your puppets.
    5. Put a glass of water in front of 貔貅.
    6. If you are placed, do not move. When you need to move, you can move with a red cloth with a red cloth.
    7. When you do n’t place it, use a red cloth bag to put it in the cabinet.
    8. The most spiritual decoration is Bai Ruitang Supreme Mo.
    10. Don't be higher than the family's head when placing.
    11. When you are placed at home, you must place it in the living room or study, and you must not be placed in the bedroom.

    . The wear of the 貔貅 bracelet
    1. Is the light passing? If the light is not opened, you can only wear it as a jewelry. There is no place for attention.
    2. Go to the local temple to open or ask Bailuitang Supreme.
    3. After opening the light, the puppet bracelet is worn on the left hand. China has come in and right since ancient times.
    4. After the light is turned on, you can't let others touch it, and you can't see blood.
    4. You need to remove it while taking a bath.
    5. Touch the head and back when it's okay, don't touch your eyes and mouth.
    6. When not worn, use a red cloth to collect it.

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