The meaning of design jewelry shape

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  1. Different shapes represent different meanings. The shape and color of the jewelry include a certain meaning.

    The different shapes of jewelry jewelry have different meanings:
    square shape: career heart; oval shape: stable, mature;
    triangle: lively personality; star shape: full fantasy;
    round: gentle; peach -shaped (heart shape): love;
    The meaning of jewelry color:
    red: represents vitality, health, enthusiasm and hope; Joy, lively and gorgeous;
    yellow: indicates gentle, bright and happy;
    green: indicates youth, peace and vitality;
    blue: indicates hope, strong and solemn;
    blue Color: It means beautiful, fresh and tranquil;
    Purple: It means noble, elegant and gorgeous;
    gold: represents glory, luxury and glory;
    white: indicates pure, sacred and refreshing; r; r; r; r; r; r; r; r; r; r; n black: indicates mysterious, silent and sad.

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