There are those diamond inlaid methods, it is best to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of these methods, thank you all

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  1. 1. Claw inlaid with a longer metal claw (column) tightly clasped the diamond. The biggest advantage is that the metal rarely blocks the diamonds, clearly presents the beauty of the diamond, and facilitates the light from different angles. Big and brighter. It is currently becoming a popular single diamond jewelry style in the market. Claw sets can generally be divided into six claws, four -claws, and three -claws. Nowadays, the wedding rings are popular with the six -claw crown. The princess's square diamond can be inlaid with four -claws. Large -grained diamonds are generally used in the form of two small claws and one claw. The claw inlaid requires the same size of the claws, the interval is uniform, and the diamond countertop level is not inclined. 2. The packet inlaid with a metal edge to seal below the waist of the diamond within the metal tray (frame), and prevent the diamond from falling off with the solids of the precious metal. This is the most firm and traditional inlaid method. It shows the light of diamonds, light and restrained, and has a peaceful and dignified temperament. When buying a packet inlaid diamond, carefully observe that the tip of the diamond cannot expose the bracket, otherwise it will damage the skin or hit the diamond. 3. The card inlaid uses the tension of the metal to fix the waist or waist and the bottom of the diamond, which is a more trendy style nowadays. The nakedness of the diamond is further inlaid than the claws, flashed with glittering glory. 4. The orbit inlaid, also known as the inlaid and wall inlaid. It is a method of getting the groove on the precious metal bracket, and then the diamond is clamped into the groove. The orbital inlaid method is suitable for diamonds of the same caliber. One by one is inlaid in the metal orbit one by one, and the diamonds are supported by both sides of the metal. This embedded method can make the surface of the decoration smooth. 5. The nail inlaid on the edge of the mouth inlaid on the metal material, and use a tool to shovel a few small nails to fix the diamond. On the surface, no metal or claws that are fixed with a fixed diamond are actually arranged in the metal mortise. Because there is no metal surround, diamonds can penetrate and reflect more sufficient light, highlighting the gorgeous light of diamond jewelry. 6. Tibetan inlaid, also known as inlaid, is to inlay diamonds in a thick metal or large area. The pavilion of the diamond will not be exposed. It is a very stable and lasting inlay method. Because this inlaying method does not have claws, the decoration seems smooth and clean, especially suitable for daily wearing decorations.

  2. There are several inlaying methods of jewelry

    The diamond to wear diamond rings, choose big ones! Most flashing! Cut 3EX! But have you noticed this little problem. What method does your beloved diamond ring inlaid? The choice of inlaid method is often overlooked, but it has the importance to the glorious image and safety index of the gemstone, and the Luohua jewelry will explain them one by one.

    1. Claw inlaid
    The long precious metal inlaid claws "grab" diamonds. Common types of types are four -claws and six claws. However, the claw set still requires strictness. The size of the claws is consistent, the interval is uniform, and the diamond countertop level is not tilted. The two gems in the picture are steadily located on the metal claws, which is very firm to ensure that the gem is not easy to fall. It can make the diamond more prominent, and the light is shot from all directions. Its dazzling luster is very bright from all angles. The claws inlaid diamond ring are simple in shape and are very unavailable. Girls of various hand shapes can be worn with confidence. However, it should be noted whether the metal claws and diamond binding are hidden in dirt. Every 6-12 months need to be delivered to the corresponding jewelry shop for maintenance to prevent the twisted and fracture of claws cause losses of love diamonds.

    2. Bags inlaid
    The diamond ring that likes more firmly like this type of diamond ring. You must be interested in it. Wrap the diamond waist with metal thin slices as a metal. Inside. There is no gap between the inlaid gemstone and the edges, the edges should be evenly smooth, the ditch is smooth and smooth, and there is no place to touch the hand. The traditional style and more subtle and stable design will choose to inlay this method, which is very atmospheric. However, if you are maintained, you must pay attention. If the bag is firm, cleaning naturally becomes a big project. If you do n’t have that confidence, please send it to the corresponding person.
    In addition, although the packet is inlaid insurance, the maintenance cannot be relaxed. See if the metal bag is raised and deformed regularly, it will help protect the long -lasting glory of the diamond ring shining.

    3. Second of the inset
    The metal material used to inlaid gemstones, the edge of the inlaid mouth, shovel several small nails to fix diamonds, at least 7 and more small gems need This technique will be used in group inlaid. Those small diamonds who cannot achieve a diamond jewelry are saved through this high -energy technique, and their group arrangement effects are really not ordinary. Fully proved that "the unity power is great."

    Okay, I want to move bricks, and I write here for a while. The following chapters will introduce the various necklaces and pendants of Luohua Jewelery, as well as brand and interesting design, it will be

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