What business does business make money in the countryside? Can you recommend some?

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  1. Recommended business for rural areas: noodle shops, rural logistics express, small supermarkets in the convenience of rural areas, decoction buns in rural areas, adult supplies, etc.
    1, noodle shop
    The type of pasta converter color or two-phase electricity sold on the market as power, ranging from 25 kg to 15 kg per hour, about 3000-investment requires about 3000- 5000 yuan. This pasta converter can suppress a variety of shapes such as hollow noodles, cutting noodles, pentagrams, diamond -shaped, cat ears, and white fungus, to welcome the needs of different consumers.
    2, rural logistics express
    With the improvement of the Internet, online shopping enthusiasm has become increasingly rising, and online shopping has improved to various households in the countryside. It is difficult to send it to the countryside. Today, the demand for rural areas is established to be delivered to the home. This one has a vacancy in the countryside, and the logistics and express delivery industry will definitely make money in the countryside.
    3, convenient supermarket
    sell various daily necessities, hot and cold beverages and foods; consignment lottery, concert drift, travel tickets; agency newspapers, magazines; replacement, expansion; set up public phone calls; sell stamps on behalf ; Call on the door to the door; provide housekeeping services; free to cheer; medical drug box; heating water, microwave oven heating; rainy sale, etc. These are the service content of convenience stores.
    4, rural decoction buns
    This are also very popular in rural areas. This small business, less investment, affordable, and very high profits, so it is suitable for rural people to operate. The indispensable new business opportunities for people to get rich are the least small business. The flour used in this decoction bun is a wheat planted by our rural people, which is very nutritious.
    5, adult supplies
    The annual sales of adult -Ankang supplies are as high as 10 billion yuan, of which only the safe set is as high as billions of yuan. With the increase of society and people's demand for enjoyment, adult supplies have not been a problem of people's taboo, and the adult health supplies market has expanded rapidly. This market demand is also very large, and space is also very large.

    The skills to do business:
    1, bold and careful
    The adventure is costly. There will be no one to make money in the world. With the general trend, it is not advisable to make decisions. To avoid failure, be careful everywhere and avoid the traps that may be encountered.
    2, borrow chicken eggs
    to borrow money to make money, borrowing chicken eggs is not shameful. The opportunity to make money is fleeting, so when the opportunity is coming, when you have no capital, you may wish to borrow money to attack. The old concept of staying with a penny and a penny will be difficult.
    3, moving like taking off rabbits
    , no matter at any time, you must have the concept of time. After deciding to do one thing, you must move quickly, and you must not leave today's matter until tomorrow. Time is money. The procrastinating style is a natural enemy to make money. It is difficult to adapt to the competition in the modern market without agility.

  2. It is suitable for business recommended in rural areas: daily necessities, middle -aged and elderly or children's clothing, hair accessories, etc., various snacks, mobile repair
    1, daily necessities
    But for those who are older, the price in the store is relatively high, not their first choice.
    although the price of Taobao will be more affordable, many of them will not operate online; three are some remote mountainous areas, even if you can shop on Taobao, they cannot deliver the goods home; For those who can't see the Internet, the products that can't be touched are still resistant.
    2, middle -aged and elderly or children's clothing
    Rural elderly people are not very particular about dressing, and they are likely to buy one or two clothes in the end of the year, but rural people still attach great importance to wearing new clothes in the New Year.
    The clothes on the stall, although the quality cannot be compared with the large shopping mall, but the price is affordable and there are many styles. Old people go to the market in winter, and most of them will pick new clothes for themselves for themselves. Many filial piety of rural children will also buy a set for parents.
    The children do n’t wear it in the coming year because they have long -lasting clothes. Most people in the countryside will not need to buy too high the price.
    3, hair jewelry, etc.
    It beauty is the nature of women. If you have money, buy valuable jewelry, and buy cheap small jewelry if you have no money. Who is unwilling to dressed himself in the rural girl and little daughter -in -law in the countryside, as well as her daughter, and also hopes to make the children dressed up. The dazzling and glorious small jewelry can stimulate their desire to buy.
    4. Various snacks
    can be a local traditional snack. Rural people have a special complex for traditional things, and they will buy some more when they see it. As long as your craftsmanship is good enough, the price is fair, and you don't worry about no business.
    can also be a rare local snacks in the local area. It does not need to be exquisite, but the taste is good enough. Most of the rural people will bring their children. Now the living conditions are good. For these fresh food, as long as the children ask, most of them will buy a taste.
    5, mobile repair
    The current rural areas, every family is complete in household appliances, but once problems are used, it is very inconvenient to repair, such as some air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, battery cars, etc. If you want to repair it, you need to disassemble and transport it to a far town, which is troublesome.
    If you can configure some necessary tools, learn some simple maintenance techniques, and go to the village to do mobile repair. Such a business must be very popular in rural areas at present. Earn
    The taboos to pay attention to business:
    1, sitting on the door and waiting for customers
    This do not run for business, the commodity market is changing rapidly, commodity communication pays attention to timeliness, and the door is difficult to see guests. Only by running can we know the market information and find the opportunity to make a profit.
    2, no gall
    . As the saying goes, as long as there are seven points, you can act, and the remaining three points grasp the determination to rely on you to fight for the incident. Not many.
    3, so high and far away
    This look down on Xiaoben Xiaoli, and want to eat a fat man, so that you can never make a big fortune. Only from small to large, slowly accumulate more, walk step by step, and finally climb the peak of wealth.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer many industries in rural areas can make money, such as contracting land for farmers, agricultural product processing industry, rural wedding, livestock and poultry breeding, agricultural tourism, etc. These industries meet the current market demand, so as long as you do it, you can touch the market well. The pulse is still very profitable. The best is the agricultural tourism industry, but the epidemic is now unable to start.nI hope my answer can help you solve the problem!nQuestion hello! I want to ask, there is room for development in rural freightnThere are some answers, but the questions you have to consider are rugged rural roads, there are many small roads, the impact on the car consumption, and whether the loading of the road section can be guaranteed. The degree of loss is very high, all of which need to be considerednMore 2nBleak

  4. Recommended business agents, wholesale decorative supplies, gift packaging agents in rural areas of money.

    1, saplings agent
    I is well known, the state now advocates returning farmland to forests, and it has been implemented in some areas of rural areas, so the sapling agent is hot. The sapling agent means that the saplings taken elsewhere are sold to the farmers. They make a difference.
    Although there are not many, if there are more people buying, then this wealth cannot be underestimated. However, the sapling agent is only better in rural development in some of the ecological environment, and has not been valued in other areas. So this profession is selective.
    2, wholesale decorations
    The rural areas are not like the previous rural areas. Now it is the countryside in the new era. Everyone will decorate their homes very beautifully, especially if you notice it. House. Therefore, you can wholesale some paintings hanging on the wall, curtains, tapestry, hanging plates, paper -cutting, embroidery, potted plants, etc.
    3, gift packaging agent
    Gift packaging agency points, as the name suggests, that is, packaging gifts. Many farmers' friends have worrieds, can gift packaging make money? Does anyone really care about it? Don't say that you are really a very profitable door. Whether it is friends or family, gifts are definitely indispensable.
    During the New Year, friends and family will send some gifts to express their blessings. But there is another new problem, that is, they cannot pack these gifts well, so the gift agency point plays this role. At the New Year's Eve, the gift agency point will become very popular.

  5. You can make special snacks, on -site masseuses, and online writers.
    1, specialty snacks
    Speaking of not going out to work, preparing to start business in rural areas, many rural people think of the snack business, which is indeed a good choice. As the saying goes, business is worse than selling meals, but I want to say that it is necessary to make a snack business. It is very popular in my hometown.
    mainly because everyone has never eaten it, and they all feel fresh. In this case, rural people can earn five or six hundred yuan. Hotels, restaurants, small food restaurants, fresh meat and other aspects of production, processing and sales, etc.
    2, on -site masseur
    The on -site masseuses to make 20,000 a month are also very simple. My boss once called for all our employees, and once called a lot of masseur to the company's pair to the company. One massage for employees. During the massage period, Xiaobian and the masseur briefly talked. They can make a few hundred yuan a day for 3 orders every day, and the massage fee of half an hour is two hundred yuan, which is too profitable. There are so many rich people now, and every day is full.
    3, online writer
    The writing novels, prose, strategy, gossip, you can submit it to various platforms or websites and earn manuscript fees. The manuscripts of each article are hundreds of thousands, and the monthly income is 20,000. This is a small business of online earning a small business suitable for people with text skills. If you do n’t want to submit, you can operate a self -media number by yourself. If you have a fan, you can write articles to pick up advertisements to make money.

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