What is the coding coding classification of finance?

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  1. The coding of the invoicing coding refers to the tax code approved by the Taxation Administration when the taxpayer issue the invoice.
    The invoice will be issued according to the tax rate and levy rate of the coding when invoicing. It can also make the tax authority statistics, screening, analysis, comparison data, etc. The ultimate goal is to strengthen the collection management.
    Announcement of the State Administration of Taxation on the "Announcement on the Management of Tax Reform of the VAT Taxation Taxation Taxation Taxation Tax" (announcement of the State Administration of Taxation No. 23, 2016) and the "Announcement on Several Pilot Management of Raiders of Raiders Reform "(Announcement of the State Administration of Taxation No. 53) Requirements:
    The taxpayers who use VAT invoices to invoiced invoices must choose the corresponding product and service tax classification and coding to issue VAT invoices when issuing invoices. The taxpayer does not correctly issue an invoice with tax classification codes, and the tax authority will be punished in accordance with the relevant provisions of the invoice.
    Extended information:
    In January 1, 2018, taxpayers will issue VAT invoices through a VAT invoice management (including: special VAT invoices, general VAT invoices, value -added tax electronics ordinary ordinary At the time of invoice), the corresponding abbreviation corresponding to the tax classification coding of goods and service will automatically display and print it in the invoice "cargo or taxable labor service, service name" or "project" column. "
    For example: the taxpayer sells the gold necklace, the name of the product entered when the VAT invoice is issued" Gold Necklace ", and the selected product and service tax classification encoding is" gold and silver jewelry ". Referred to as "jewelry" for short, the value -added tax invoicing will be displayed and printed "*jewelry*gold necklace".
    If the taxpayer chooses other classification codes, the invoice will appear similar to "*steel*steel**steel* The obvious error of the gold necklace "or"*electronic computer*gold necklace ".
    At the same time, the 45th regulations are only applicable to taxpayers, and the tax authority is not applicable to the new system issued by the new system through the VAT invoice. R n Reference materials Source: Suqian Municipal Government Affairs Network-National Tax Taxation Classification Code has new rules
    Reference materials Source: State Taxation website-"State Taxation Administration on the Pilot of the General Administration of Taxation on the Pilot of VAT on the VAT Tax Taxation of the State Administration of Taxation Interpretation of the Announcement of Management Matters

  2. Refers to the classification coding in tax control equipment
    . What major category of the project that determines the invoice you issued
    1.1 If the unit sells a certain product or cargo Choose (goods).
    1.2 If the unit provides labor services (processing, repair, repair and other non -operating reform enterprises), please select (labor service) in the second largest category.
    1.3 If the unit provides the service type (business reform enterprise) services, please select (sales service) in the third category.
    1.4 If the unit provides services related to intangible assets (patents, trademarks, etc.), please select (intangible assets) in the fourth category.
    1.5 If the unit is an enterprise for real estate sales, please select (Real Estate) in the fifth largest category.
    1.6 If the unit has the following three non -taxation items that occur in the following three types, please choose the sixth category.

    . After selecting a large category, choose a small category in the large category
    2.1 cargo category

    2.2 labor
    2. 3 Sales service category

    2.4 Incantantum assets

    2.5 non -motion category
    n2.6 Unsus taxation items without sales r r r

    . Finding the method of category

    3.1 Simple operation method: After finding the large category, you can first fill in the specific name on the right "name" on the right, click on the right search button The following query results will automatically search for related categories, find the most consistent or closer item click to select, and will automatically find the category on the left.

    3.2 General operation method: If you use the above simple methods, you do not search for any query results, you need to find the specific category and small category on the left. If the name cannot be searched directly, it is recommended to reduce the search for keywords.
    . After finding the category, add the specific product or project name to the right side. For example,
    4.1 cargo category
    4.1.1 Instant noodles: Search "Instant Noodles" on the right "name". ", You can query many related categories, find the project you need, and create an instant noodle.
    This-food, beverages, tobacco and alcohol products-food and processing salt-convenient food-even convenient food

    4.1.2 Computer: Search "Computer" directly on the "name" on the right side You can query many related categories, find the project you need, and create a computer.
    The goods-machinery, equipment products-communication equipment, computers and other electronic equipment-electronic computers and parts-electronic computers

    4.1.3 Water cup: If you search for the water cup directly on the right side , Can't search directly. Then reduce the search range, enter the "cup", you can query a lot of relevant information, find the project you need, and create a water cup.
    This-metal and non-metallic products-non-metal mineral products-glass insulation container and glass bile-glass insulation container

    4.1.4 Figure design fee: if you search on the right side, "Design "Fees", cannot be found directly. Then reduce the search range, enter "design", you can query a lot of relevant information, find the project you need, and create a pattern design fee.
    Sweed goods-paper printing software Cultural and education crafts products-printed record medium replica-printed products-picture design drawings and photos
    4.2 labor
    4.2.1 labor fee : Labor-processing labor-sewage treatment labor (other labor selection of other categories)

    4.2.2 Repair fees: labor-repair and repair labor service
    n4.3 Sales service
    4.3.1 Advertising fee: Sales Service-Modern Service-Cultural and Creative Service-Advertising Service-Advertising Release Service-Film and Television, Radio Advertising Release Service

    4.3.2 Property fee: Sales Service-Modern Service- Business Auxiliary Service-Enterprise Management Service-Property Management Service

    4.3.3 Engineering funds: Sales Service-Construction Service-Engineering Service
    4.3.4 Meal: Sales Service-Life Service-Life Service -Mattlement and accommodation service-Catering service

    4.3.5 Engineering design service fee: If you search for "engineering design service fee" directly on the right, you cannot directly search. Then reduce the scope of search and enter "design", you can query a lot of relevant information, find the project you need, and create a service fee for engineering design.
    E engineering design service fee: sales service-modern service-cultural and creative service-design service-engineering design service
    n4.4 intangible assets
    4.4.1 patent transfer fee: intangible assets -Technology-Patented Technology

    4.4.2 Mining right transfer fee: intangible assets-natural resources use right-mining right
    4.5 non-motion category
    4.5.1 house purchase funds : Real Estate-Building-Housing-Real Estate Development House

    4.5.2 Housing Reform Housing Purchase: Real Estate-Building-Housing-Housing Reform Housing
    4.6 Without sales behavior Unsus taxation items
    4.6.1 Supermarket shopping card: non-taxation items without sales-prepaid card sales and recharge
    4.6.2 Pre-collection payment Taxation project-Pre-sale of self-developed real estate projects for pre-collection

    Note: The tax rates involved in the above examples, please choose the company according to the actual situation of your unit. If there is no clear tax rate, Please consult your National Taxation Bureau

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