What kind of jewelry to wear in the 86th tiger woman in 1986 can bring good luck?

  23 Sep 2022

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  1. Guide: Presumably many people want to know what tiger girls are worn in 86? In fact, girls who belong to tigers in the 86th year of life are more charming. Those who know them must know that they are a person with a very strong ability to express, and they are particularly dressed up, and they also have a sense of justice. Let's take a look at what jewelry wearing a tiger in 1986 to bring good luck!
    belonging to tiger
    6 What is good to wear tiger girls
    1. Silver ring
    The life of the tiger girl in 86 years is relatively weak, and it will be easy to be outside the outside world. The influence of the factors, as long as there are some bad luck around, it will soon affect the tiger. To decorate, you can also increase weight to your own life and play a role in transporting.
    2. Tiger Eye Stone
    86 Tiger people can also choose to wear a tiger eye stone. Tiger eye stone itself is a lucky gem belonging to the tiger. The evil played a role in good luck. In addition, it can also stimulate the potential of the tiger and help them resolve the setbacks and difficulties encountered in their lives. The poor physical tiger girl can also enhance their resistance.
    3. Pig and horse or dog jewelry
    Among the zodiac signs, the tiger's Sanhe and Liuhe auspicious objects are the best pigs, horses and dogs, so you can also choose to wear pigs, horses, dogs, dogs These three zodiac jewelry or pendants have a strong role in promoting the overall fortune of the tiger girl in 86. Under their promotion, whether it is a career or life, it has a certain improvement compared to the previous situation. , Bring good luck to the tiger girl.
    4, red rope
    The red rope has always been welcomed. People like to wear in the year of the destiny to pray that the disaster can be resolved. A red rope can not only play a decorative role, but it is important to bless peace. The red rope also symbolizes auspiciousness and good luck. After wearing it, you can reverse the fortune to a certain extent, so that the life of the tiger girl can also become more happy. Essence
    belonging to tiger
    1986 What jewelry belongs to a tiger woman to bring good luck
    gold watches
    mainly to make people born in the year of the tiger have some time concepts, so Can make them have initiative. Let them always understand that they will always fight against time, otherwise they will miss a lot of opportunities, because when they are in contact with customers, if they can go early every time, they will leave a good impression on the other party. Sometimes people are really busy, and it is easy to forget time. This is his defect. Therefore, wearing a watch allows yourself to have an advantage, you can remind yourself from time to time to have a warning effect.
    Gold necklaces
    Women's belonging to a tiger can wear gold necklaces. It can be seen from some young people's eyes, but women of a certain age can wear gold necklaces. People look very temperamental and noble. Women who are tigers have the bravery of tigers. At the same time, their personality enthusiasm, boldness, and honesty. These traits are as precious as gold, as shiny. Sister Tiger's personality.
    Gold ring
    The woman who belongs to tiger can also wear gold rings, so that it will make themselves look more aura and more expensive. After all Power. Therefore, if you work hard outside, your own aura is not strong enough or not. Wearing a gold ring can show your strength and it is considered to be a town field. After all, people now can only be based on your premise. Judging from the outside, sometimes a small accessory can make people impressed you.
    The Tiger
    6 How to live a life of a tiger girl
    Career: Rugged
    86 years of tiger women's career did not change much. Sometimes they will be lucky. Sometimes they are helpless, so they don't know how to choose. When the luck is good, the tiger girl can indeed achieve a lot of achievements, but when they are not lucky, they will be poor in a blink of an eye. So the tiger girl has long been relieved of this, after all, there is no way to change.
    Wealth: Slightly twists and turns
    86 years of tiger girl wealth is also relatively large. After all, the tiger girl did not know how to stop loss in 1986. When the problem appeared, they did not have a good solution, so they were more passive along the way. If a tiger girl can guarantee that she has sufficient funds, it will not occur at least such a tragedy. Tiger girls should still be careful to prevent major problems.
    In luck: Not good or bad
    86 Tiger women's luck can only be said to be bad or bad. Because they are really lucky, they also exist when they are unlucky. It is like a tiger girl who does not know how to deal with unlucky things, but when they are lucky, they will at least perform well. The tiger girl has always been unable to determine her state.
    State: Mold luck
    86 years of tiger women's status, there is no good change, and there will still be many mold luck. They didn't know how to deal with these problems, so they could only stand up hard when they encountered unlucky things. If a tiger girl is less ups and downs in life, it may be better than the current life, which is also their turning point.

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