What materials are easy to use outdoor outdoor camps?

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  1. We used to buy a doctoral doll's cotton pad. This material is very comfortable to touch, and it is very wear -resistant, waterproof and moisture, and it is not suitable for outdoor use.

  2. Outdoor camping, when I heard this word, I thought: facing the sea, drinking tea and wine, blowing the sea breeze, looking at the starry sky, and enjoying nature quietly. Many beautiful pictures came from their minds.
    wants to have a beautiful camping life, you must have a prerequisite for camping equipment. Today, I will tell you the necessary equipment for camping: moisture -proof pads. The moisture -proof pad is from large to small, material or foam pads or inflatable cushions, as well as self -charging air cushions with filling cotton. How to choose moisture -proof pads is actually very particular. From my outdoor white experience, I will talk to you about how to choose a moisture -proof pad.
    1.0 The era of no pad
    It did not read it wrong. My previous camping was not operated. Real Xiaobai, camping does not require moisture -proof pads.
    The painful experience of the first camping at this moment. During the 11th period of 2008, because of the mall promotion, I had the first tent in my life. So he took the daughter -in -law who was still his girlfriend at that time and chose the typhoon to go to the west of South Australia. The sour, you know! In the middle of the night, the rain was stormy, and the rain pierced the tent. Fortunately, the tent had good waterproof performance and no rain leak. There was no moisture -proof pad on the ground, so we lay on the account. I fell asleep, and my daughter -in -law kept waking me up, worried that it was funny to get up in the sea the next day. Now I think it is funny.
    2.0 Decathlon foam pad
    has experienced the era of no pads. Later, several camping was rented moisture -proof pads. I always feel that the large -scale moisture -proof pads are too large to take place at home. The moisture -proof pad to buy Decathlon is because we are going to climb the snow mountain, and we must bring their own tide pads. The leader in Shenzhen will help us buy it in Chengdu in Decathlon. In view of the fact that there was no family, it was a pity that the two moisture -proof pad flew back from Chengdu to Shenzhen.
    This moisture -proof pads are very common common moisture -proof pads, with layers of aluminum foil on one side and foam on the other. The advantage is that it is cheap and good, and can cope with the weather in the spring, summer and autumn in the plains and hills. Given that the official is not labeled with the R value, and the weather is cold, don't bring this basic product. You ask me why I go to Snow Mountain to sleep? I was Xiaobai at that time. I knew what equipment, all of them, and tears when I said too much.
    R value is the heat resistance value: at the specified temperature, a certain material prevents the capacity of the heat from passing through the unit area. The higher the R value of the material, the more suitable it is for thermal insulation material.
    Defins of Decathlon foam pads
    1. After packaging and storage, only plug -in. If the backpack is large enough, it can be rolled into the outermost layer of the backpack.
    2. Because it is a rolling storage, it is difficult to flatten when it is opened, and the uneven mats in the tent will look very unclean.
    3. The moisture -proof pad of the plug -in is easy to hang to the branches in the wild, and there is a high probability that the city has a high probability to hit passers -by.
    The first camping in West Bay, Hong Kong, the moisture -proof pad is really ugly after hanging in the bag!
    3.0 tar egg nest nest moisture pads
    . After the snow mountain came down, I directly became a equipment control. Various research outdoor equipment on outdoor shopping websites at home and abroad every day. Decathlon's moisture -proof pads later used it again. I really felt that the experience was not good. Update the moisture -proof pads was put on the agenda. Regarding the problem of foam pads or air cushions, I consulted the outdoor god around me. It was decided to buy an egg nest and a air cushion. The air cushion was high, and the egg nest was high or bad.
    tar egg nest R value 2.6, after starting, it has been camped several times, and the overall experience is good. The only problem is that after sleeping, there are traces of holes on the face.
    tar's egg nest advantages
    1. Ultra -light, weighing only about 420g.
    2. Storage is super convenient, you can store it in a few seconds.
    3. After opening it, it will not be as unable to lay like a Decathlon foam pad.
    tar egg nest is currently the highest altitude -Nanyue Zhu Rongfeng
    The official purchase channels without TAR in China. spring. I have read outdoor evaluation posts. It is said that the performance is basically no different from the TAR egg nest, and the price is more than half. I bought this from the United States, equivalent to about 200 ¥.
    4.0 TAR PRO4 self-filled air cushion
    Therm-A-Rest belongs to Cascade Designs (Cascade Designs is a company that mainly produces outdoor leisure products. It is located in Seattle, USA. Founded in 1972, the company's initial innovative product was the self-inflated camping Catalog. Therm-A-Rest mainly produced a portable sleeping pad, pillow and seat cushion. For more than 30 years since Therm-A-Rest invented the automatic inflatable ground pad, Therm-A-Rest has always been the leader of the outdoor comfort market and the world's first brand.
    It from the company's profile, it can be seen that the self -filled air cushion is TAR's product. This PRO4's self -filled gas cushion just cleared the position when it was purchased, and the price was about 350 ¥. The R value is 2.6, and it is used several times. This product is the most comfortable air cushion I have slept. In addition to the large storage volume, the weight of 780g is not small.
    tar pro4 advantage of the filling cushion
    1. The thickness of the two inches makes you as comfortable as sleeping on your own bed.
    2. Fast inflatable speed and good inflatable effect, make up for two or three breaths to reach the comfort effect.
    3. The storage volume is small, about 1/3 of the foam pad. Without plug -in, it can be unobstructed to travel forests or crowds.
    Since this one has been removed, you can't find the purchase link.
    5.0 Tar Evolite
    tar egg nest PRO4's combination of filling cushion was used for a while and found that I mixed in Hong Kong and Macau camping through all year round may need another air cushion. Especially at the end of last year, the experience of carrying a big bag in Macau at the end of last year made the daughter -in -law can't help but say, "Let's buy another air cushion." The sideways figure, take two steps to make people for a while, take two steps and stop, worry about hitting others, don't mention how painful it is.
    Macau Macau Three Basch punch cards, I am the most "pretty" of the entire GAI! Macau's big three -bus punch card, I am the most "pretty" of the entire GAI!
    The choice of a suitable air cushion becomes my number one problem. There are several considerations for the factors
    1. The price is appropriate. Within 500 ¥ is the price I can accept.
    2. The volume and weight are smaller than Tar Pro4, so that I can save the backpack space and carry more other equipment.
    3. It is best to use the self -filled air cushion. After all, when a large package arrives at the camp, no one wants to hold the air cushion for a long time.
    This at the price of 66 $ at 66 $ purchased from Tar Evolite at REI. The price is not cheap, but all aspects meet personal needs.
    Reason for purchase:
    1. From the air cushion, no manual blowing is required. (It turns out that I am wrong!)
    2. The compression size of the compression is small, the compression size of 13.5cm*23cm can be regarded as the minimum self -charging cushion that can be obtained at this price.
    3. Light weight, the weight of the cushion is only 480g, which is at least 1/3 lighter than the previously purchased TAR Pro 4.
    tar evolite opened the box
    tar evolite, and habitually took the box.
    In the hand, when the plastic hard shell is covered with the plastic hard shell, the plastic hard shell
    R value 2.1, the limit temperature is -5, I personally think not to use it below. The R value 2.1, the limit temperature -5, personally don't think it should be used below.
    51cm*183cm*5cm size, thickness of 5cm thick, weight 480g.
    evolite is characterized by the inner support cotton. The characteristic of fish bone foam Evolite is that the inside support cotton uses fish bone -shaped foam
    has a storage bag and a piece of storage bag and a piece in it. Product Description. After spreading, there is a storage bag and a product description.
    made in the United States. The production date last July, it is not considered futures. Made in the United States, production date last July, it is not considered futures.
    The storage volume display, the size is really surprising. The size of the storage volume is really surprising.
    tar pro4 vs targolite
    Plip out of the olive green Pro4 and found that there is no production date.
    Pro4's self -inflating effect is significantly better than Evolite
    Prostatic comparison, the support cotton of the PRO4 is almost all over the entire air cushion.
    comparison of the back side, Evolite feels exhausted.
    After waiting for three minutes, the Pro4 was almost full of anger. I took two breaths with my mouth to reach the best state. Evolite was worse than I thought, and it took eight breath to fill it up.
    The shadow of standing
    The storage volume comparison. In this regard, Pro4 is dwarfed.
    Small nodes
    The two moisture -proof pads are from TAR. PRO4, under the premise of ensuring comfort and self -inflatable effect, weighs 780g and R value reaches 2.6. It is a product with a relatively high comprehensive performance. EVOLITE has made a considerable optimization and improvement in weight and compression volume. As a result, it sacrificed some of the self -inflatable capabilities. The comfort is not as comfortable as PRO4, which is a lightweight product. The weight of 480g and the R value of 2.1 are basically enough for me who is basically camping in the south.
    The tips for packing from the filling cushion
    Outdoor camping, packaging is a science, learned to pack, the same size backpack, you can install many equipment than others. Let ’s share with you the air cushion packing skills I came to school from YouTube.
    1. First, open the gas mouth, compress the air cushion from the bottom of the air cushion and roll it up, and strive to discharge all the air. At this time, you can hear the sound of the air mouth. Roll the air cushion into a small round shaft and tighten the breath.
    2. Fold or fold the air cushion to be folded or folded into the required size according to the size of the air cushion.
    3. According to the first step, compress the air cushion, roll the folded air cushion into a round shaft. At this time, you can see that the remaining air is compressed to the position of the top of the top, unscrew the air, and squeeze out the remaining air.
    4. Put the rolled air cushion into the storage bag to complete the storage. If the volume is found, it can be repeated by 1-3 operation steps.
    Outdoor camping, with suitable equipment to play more comfortably. The selection process of personal moisture -proof pads has been selected from zero to choice according to its own needs. To sum up, it is a few points:
    1. Use the environment to determine what style you need. If it is a broad place such as western Sichuan and the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau, it must be directly used with egg nests. Lightweight and exercise, not worried about being stabbed by the broken stones. The external moisture -proof pad can also save a lot of space in the backpack. If it is like me, you need to carry a large bag to shuttle in the urban area, then it is obvious that the external moisture -proof pad is not suitable.
    2. The price budget determines what brand and model you buy. In principle, most of the outdoor products are carried out. Personal principles are that the most expensive accurate psychological tolerance is right.
    3. In terms of purchasing channels, TAR has no official channels in China that can only be tampe. The same name Australian brand Sea To Submit has flagship stores in Tmall and JD.com. You can pay attention to good prices during the shopping festival.
    4. The timing of buying, as long as it is not just needed, you can take the principle of frequently paying attention to the good price before starting. The disadvantage of this is that it is more time -consuming. The advantage is that you can buy the same equipment cheaper than others.
    Finally, thank you for seeing this. I wish you all the happiness outdoors and waves out of the sky!
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