What to think of the diamond ring certificate

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  1. 1. Look at the 4C standard;
    The standard for determining the quality of diamonds is the 4C standard. This standard affects the price and value of the diamond ring. The 4C standard is the weight, clarity, color and cut of diamonds. Such an important standard will be marked in the appraisal certificate. The higher its level, the more expensive its value.
    2, look at the number;
    The appraisal certificate of each diamond ring is unique, then its coding cannot be copied, and the number of numbers will not occur. You can enter its appraisal certificate on the diamond query website. If the number is the same as the certificate in your own hand, then this diamond ring is worth buying.
    3, look at the steel seal;
    The diamond ring appraisal certificate is steel printing. When consumers buy diamond ring, pay attention to see if there are steel prints, whether it is a anti -counterfeiting sign.
    4, look at the diamond ring picture;
    generally in the middle of the diamond appraisal certificate, there will be corresponding pictures. Check if it is consistent with what you buy.
    The expansion information:
    The authentic identification of the diamond certificate:
    1, the official website address will be printed on the opposite side of each certificate. If not, you can also find it through Baidu.
    2, when buying diamonds with laser imprints such as GIA or IGI, please guide and assist you in the correct and simple method to use professional tools such as 10 times large mirror, professional diamond lamp, diamond table and other tools Laser mark.
    3. To purchase any diamond with international certificates, there is a clear flaw position map on the certificate. When you cannot determine whether the location of the defect is consistent with the certificate, it is recommended that you review it at a third -party appraisal agency.
    4, check whether the official website certificate number is consistent with the laser mark, and use the special electron to verify the weight of the diamond.
    5, the newly made new diamond product, its certificate may not be found within three days, not representing this is a fake certificate, but because the information of the test center has not been updated in time (this situation rarely appears).
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia — Diamond Certificate

  2. There are the following ways to see the authenticity of diamond ring certificates:
    . See if the waist edges and laser marks of diamonds supported by the certificate are consistent with the certificate; Consistency;
    . Three, real in the certificate data, real laser mark, and consistent number, then verify the weight of the diamond;
    It if you do not believe in the results of the website and telephone inquiry, you can also go to the third -party certificate agency. Review.
    But what you need to know here is that the domestic diamond appraisal certificate, generally the fairness of the identification is not stable enough. The domestic certificates are mainly national jewelry testing centers. So when your diamond re -examination is lower than your original certificate, don't think you are false. Many consumers took the diamonds bought by A to identify B. The results caused many misunderstandings, mainly due to local protectionism. Domestic to cut in the 7 major indicators of cutting -edge, foreign certificates to cut diamonds: 1. Table width ratio, 2. All -in -depth ratio, 3, crowned angle ratio 5, Crown high ratio 5, pavilion deep, pavilion deep Compared with 6, waist thickness ratio, 7, the bottom tip ratio is clear, at the same time, the polishing and symmetry of the cutting are very detailed, and the domestic certificate is too simple.

  3. Each diamond is sold with a GIA certificate to indicate its 4C quality indicator. The so -called "4C" is the abbreviation of four English words starting with C. It refers to the caraat weight, clarity, color, and cut (CUT). Cera is a unit of heavy diamonds. One carat is equal to one hundred points. The unit is CT, that is, 0.5ct is a 50 -point diamond. The color of diamonds is divided into 11 levels, in turn: D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N. The whitening color is D -level. It is usually recommended to choose at least H or more in daily wear. The clarity refers to the purity of the diamond itself, which contains how much impurities. The diamonds have been divided into excellent, good, good, and better, generally 5 levels. The cutting of diamonds refers to the accuracy of its grinding ratio and the perfection after the completion. Good cuts should be as good as possible to reflect the brightness and fire of diamonds as possible, and try to maintain the weight of the rough. IGI International Gem Institute's cutting level from high to low is divided into ID (standard), EX (excellent), VG (good) G (good) G (good), Chinese national inspection is divided into: VG (very good), G (good) Essence In fact, it is not important to buy a large diamond. As long as the two are sincere in love, they are willing to give you a lifelong commitment like the meaning of the DR true love ring. Even if there is no glorious and rich, there is a love of white heads.

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