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  1. Sand gold, produced on the bottom of the river or a low -lying area, is mixed with Shisha, the gold that was washed out. Sand gold originated in the mine, because the gold ore was exposed to the ground. After a long wind and rain, the rocks were cracked and cracked. Deposition is a gold -containing layer to form sand gold. The characteristics of sand gold are: different sizes of particles, large as broad beans, small ones like fine sand, different shapes. The color is different due to the height of the formation. More than 90 % of them are red yellow, eight percent of them are pale yellow, and seven become cyan yellow.
    The is vast in China, the river system is developed, the geological conditions of gold minerals are superior, and they have rich sandy gold mineral resources. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 3,200 sand gold mining points in my country, tens of thousands of metalization points and heavy sand abnormalities in China. They are distributed in 27 provinces (cities, autonomous regions), and almost spread throughout the country. The general view of my country's sand gold mineral resources has the characteristics of a lot, a wide range of faces, a wide range, a group belt, a centralized distribution, and a strong resource reserves.

  2. 1. What is the material of sand jewelry?

    The main raw materials of sand gold jewelry are brass. Because brass and gold are a color, it is also like gold, inside and outside. The process is plated on the surface of the brass, a layer of 24K real gold, so the appearance looks exactly the same as the gold. Craft sand gold jewelry will not fade for a year and a half, which is why most people like Shajin! There are also a few people who use sand gold jewelry to serve as gold jewelry.

    2. Why the current quality of sand gold jewelry is uneven

    The real sand gold jewelry production is very particular. First of all, the choice of brass must be strictly selected and must be in The color is close to the golden color and purity, and other metal substances must not be mixed. In this way, the similarity of brass and gold is closer, and some polished purified brass. After being cast into a brass jewelry, there are four processes, first of all, the high temperature layer and antioxidant layer must be added. It will be darkened because of the time of brass, which will generate temperature on the human body. Fresh and wait, so you must add these two layers, and then add the adhesive layer. At this time, it is used to stick to 24K real gold. If this layer of gold is less, it will fall off quickly, and the jewelry is particularly ugly. Some small sand gold jewelry workshops do not have this technology, and it will reduce the process and process, so the product quality will have problems and the price will be relatively cheap. The last process is vacuum electroplating 24K real gold. Please note that this is really a flower. The cost place! When the first gold layer is plated, the perfect sand gold jewelry is exported to the factory, but after all, the thickness of the gold layer is limited, and the long time of wear will still expose the copper inside. Gold, we call Thai gold on the market, also called thick gold!
    Ruan's sand gold jewelry batch

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