Where is the 80,000 -ton Fujian ship internationally?

  23 Sep 2022

4 thoughts on “Where is the 80,000 -ton Fujian ship internationally?

  1. At present, the newly -developed Fujian ship in my country is in the world's leading position, and is also the largest conventional power carrier built besides the United States.
    The aircraft carrier is very important for a country, especially in my country that has a long coastline. The aircraft carrier can play an important role in a certain extent. After all, the aircraft carrier can provide supplies to the fighter on the ocean, which can fully increase the combat effectiveness of our navy. Therefore, the aircraft carrier is what any country with the coastline wants to have. However, the construction cost of aircraft carriers is high, and general countries cannot bear such a high cost.
    The Fujian ship in my country was officially launched. Prior to this, there were two conventional nuclear -powered aircraft carriers in China and Shandong ships in my country, although the combat effectiveness of these two conventional power carriers was not very weak. However, there is still a certain degree of gap between my country's capabilities and European and American countries at this point. However, with the official launch of the Fujian ship in my country, it also marks that my country's aircraft carrier has steadily pressed most of European countries. It can be said that only the United States in the world is our real opponent. After all, the Fujian ship is the largest conventional power carrier in the world.
    The combat effectiveness of the Fujian ship is not weak. Whether a aircraft carrier is strong or not, I think the fundamental factor is whether it can be equipped with more carrier -based aircraft. Of course, in this point, my country has been greatly improved, especially in the aspect of carrier -based aircraft to increase the number of carrier -based aircraft compared to the Liaoning ship and Shandong ship. Therefore, the latest Fujian ship in my country is not even weaker than Western countries in terms of combat effectiveness, but we still cannot take it lightly or to be overly complacent. You must know if the strength of the army's strength is often more or less related to actual combat experience.
    The Fujian ship has started trial. According to the latest news of my country's shipyard, although the Fujian ship has officially launched the water. However, if an aircraft carrier formation wants to form a true combat effectiveness, it must be trained for a long time and daily adjustment. Therefore, the Fujian ship in my country has begun to be officially tried. I think that soon after, my country's third aircraft carrier formation can formally form an effective combat effectiveness.

  2. I think it is a very high -end position, because the Fujian ship is now internationally able to surpass, because this ship uses high -tech power, which is a satellite.

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