Which domestic jewelry brands are better?

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  1. The experts who have a certain understanding of jewelry and the common purchase of jewelery will not go to the brand jewelry store to consume. As a professional jewelry custom merchant, they often receive some famous people to buy diamonds and inlaid designers and inlaid factories. Gem nude stones allow it to design and process, and will not pay for the brand premium
    The brand of European and American brands in the jewelry industry is indeed at the forefront of the world, with a century -old brand heritage. However, the domestic jewelery brand has a leading speed, not only in terms of capacity supply, but also has an amazing speed in brand building. It is true that we cannot use a single dimension to judge many domestic jewelry brands, but in these brands, there is indeed the leader of the industry and there is also room for development that cannot be ignored. It is better to list the different advantages of different domestic brands. You can have a reference, which one to buy a diamond ring, which one to buy Caibao, which one to buy a fashion style, is more targeted.
    1. Buying trust to Zhou Dafu

    The Zhou Dafu as the pioneer of China's jewelry industry, and more than 2,000 stores across the country are its best advertisements and business cards. Chow Tai Fook's product category is complete, and there are many personal IP products. The earliest popular Fuxing bags, and now the best -selling Hello Kitty series, from high -end jewelry to daily wearing models, from gold to platinum and K gold jadeite jade. Essence Purchasing jewelry in Chow Tai Fook also tantamount to choosing a trust.
    2. Buying a wedding ring to go

    I do is very romantic from the brand name. As an expert in marriage and love diamonds, I do ’s diamond ring does not know how many romantic and sweet lover. The romance of i DO makes each lover unable to refuse, and every newcomer at the wedding will make the most important commitment to each other's life. I do ’s store decoration is also very warm. The appropriate explanations of the shopping guide make you turn into a half diamond expert after buying a wedding ring.
    3. Buy design to Chow Sangsheng

    looking at the homogenized products in the jewelry market, Zhou Shengsheng is definitely a clear stream. The series became the explosion of the jewelry market for a while. The innovation in some bracelets has captured the hearts of many men, bold skeleton design, and six -character proverbs, making jewelry no longer a woman's exclusive.
    4. Buy Gold and go to Lao Fengxiang

    Lao Fengxiang is the old name of the jewelry industry. Lao Fengxiang, born in Shanghai, is no less than Beijing's Caihongkou Department Store in the field of gold. It is worth mentioning that after many years of experience, the number of stores is also expanding. Today, consumers across the country can buy Lao Fengxiang's gold, and Lao Fengxiang has also become a golden business card for gold.
    5. Buy Caibao to ENZO

    This Chinese people still need continuous education in the market for Caibao, and ENZO has the responsibility of spreading the beauty of Caibao. The creation of gem jewelry has made the colorful natural gemstone into the daily wearing jewelry, light up the consumer's mood with color, and let the colorful gemstone decrypt the consumer's mood.
    6. Buying emotions to Palin

    All say that jewelry is the medium of emotion and the best token of emotion. The virginity of love, the unsatisfactory friendship, and the affection of accompanied by, no matter what kind of emotions can be found with jewelry. This year Spelin launched its time series products, using the date to set up important moments in life, and use jewelry to condense romantic memories in time. Eternal.
    Li Chen's proposal Fan Bingbing's diamond ring is as high as 20 carats. Now the star's diamond ring has evolved from "pigeon egg" to "egg"! Many questions on the Internet, is it really the bigger the diamond, the deeper? Cartier's charm lies in its romance and is favored by many stars. The jewelry watches that Chen Xiao and Chen Yanxi enter the mirror are from Cartier.
    Cartier is ingenious, perfect forging, full of European feelings. Every diamond ring of Cartier has a moving love story, diamond ring and love, just like the romance of love at the same time. It is precisely because of this that it is always in love.
    chamet bee my love is low -key and connotative. Not long ago, Song Zhongji gave Qiao Mei a simple and pure wedding, but the wedding ring is still full of careful opportunity. It's not easy, but we are as sweet as. Lovers are like bees, using diligence, wisdom, and insisting on defending love, make it sweet, honey like softness, interpretation of happiness, and brewing the beauty of peerless. Simple and generous styles, although there are no pigeon eggs, they are in line with their simple and pure love.
    The most thoughtful diamond ring is Darry Ring. Since its birth, a romantic rule has been made. Men can only customize one in their lives with their ID cards, and given to the only beloved lady in this life, which means "the only true love in life".
    Moly impressive meaning, and if you want to buy Darry Ring's ring, you need to buy a diamond ring record at Darry Ring to enjoy the only love in this life.
    This diamond ring is not just because of proposal, it contains love and affection in the diamond ring. Huang Xiaoming gave Baby a grand wedding. The pear -shaped diamond ring was chic and full of love for Baby, and love has nothing to do with the size of the diamond. It is not related to the brand. What is important is your heart.
    The fashion high value, has been engaged in the fashion jewelry industry for 8 years, loves jewelry, loves fashion, and loves to share.
    The domestic jewelry brands are many types. When we visit the mall, we often see many jewelry brands on the first floor. Such as Zhou Dafu, Zhou Shengsheng, Chiba Jewelry, Chow Tai Sheng, and Liufu are at the core of high -end shopping malls. Specifically, which jewelry brand is better? In fact, each has its own advantages.
    Zhou Dafu
    Zhou Dafu, a well -known jewelry brand, is also the leader of the tide of the jewelry industry. Before liberation, Hong Kong's golden shop was very competitive. The golden nature of that is all ninety -nine gold, while Zhou Dafu's founder Zheng Yutong boldly invested huge amounts of funds, the first creation of 999 gold, which provided a solid foundation for the rapid development of Zhou Dafu. In 2017, Zhou Dafu chose Zhao Liying as his brand spokesperson.

    The decoration style of their home is very high -end, founded in Hong Kong, which is also very historical. It is said that Zhou Shengsheng's founder and the founder of Zhou Dafu are the brothers of Zongzhang, who likes their brand names the most, from the Book of Changes. Everbright and endless. I really want to start with the moral.

    The weekly
    Speaking of this brand, it is really disgusting. Many people must ask if these founders are a family! This world is really a coincidence, and Zhou Dasheng's founder is also surnamed Zhou, so he named Zhou Dasheng. This reminds me of the rush of Adi and King Adi. However, their family was super willing to spend money on the endorsement and invited the traffic star. This time, the popularity was completely opened.

    Chito jewelry
    Chito jewelry is a rising star in the jewelry industry. Although there is no history of Zhou Dafu and Zhou Shengsheng, it has its own characteristics in product design and stands out in traditional jewelry. Compared to the 999 gold created by Zhou Dafu's huge sums of money, the golden craftsmanship of Chiba Jewelry is unique. This process mainly comes from Italy. The disposable stamping molding technology ensures that the product is higher than the traditional gold on the basis of maintaining the purity. It overcomes the traditional gold and ordinary gold jewelry. specialty. In addition to the unique quality of the product, international film and television star Annie Hathaway endorsed and became the official brand cooperation brand of New York Fashion Week. This is not a general jewelry brand that can be done. The design must be elegant and fashionable in order to enter the international market. Think about it, it is really happy and proud to have a product of their family.
    Liufu Jewelry
    Liufu Jewelry was founded in Hong Kong. The decoration of the shop is very Chinese, but there is no difference between the product and the traditional jewelry. At present, while the overall retail atmosphere is weak, although Liufu has increased the proportion of stores in the Mainland, it has not played a role in promoting performance. The spokesperson chose TVB Lin Feng and Qiao Xin, a small flower in the Mainland, and personally felt that it did not play a strong role.

    News do not use any brand to endorse. Because everyone who understands can see clearly, usually only complex things depends on the brand.
    I is making emeralds. What cost -effectiveness is the cost -effective for those who understand emeralds? What cost -effectiveness has nothing to do with the brand. Usually the bigger brand, the more expensive, the lower the cost performance. For big brands, the main service is better. Customers buy it, but the price will be much more expensive.
    The people who understand emeralds will definitely not go to the brand jewelry shop to buy emerald. Other jewelry industries should be almost the same.
    Jewelry can be said to be the most cost -effective category, which is mainly due to the brand premium, which not only includes brand value, but also design value, collection value, rarity, and so on. However, it is clear that the cost -effectiveness of jewelry brands is also a criticism of criticism. Some relevant persons have revealed that a well -known domestic brand wedding ring with a 0.5 carat white gold rings often has some activities in the store, and there are certain discounts on sales. In the end, it can be purchased at about 8.5 % off the price, and after internal coordination, this ring is eventually sold at about 4 % off. It can be seen that the price of such inlaid jewelry is very high, which is also the reason for many consumers to choose well -known internationally renowned brands such as Cartier, Tiffany or VCA -indeed the price is higher, but the high -end jewelry inlaid often has certain There are too many price spaces in the purchase stage, or at least there will be too much price space during the purchase stage.
    Therefore, in terms of the category of jewelry, domestic brands have the highest cost performance on pure gold jewelry. Even if it contains a certain manual fee design appreciation, it is still much higher than inlaid jewelry. The reason is still caused by insufficient brand value.
    If it is used as accessories, then domestic brands of jewelery just look at the edge of the eye. If you like it, do not consider too much. Jewelry is not a door category that can consider more cost -effective. And if it covers the demand for value preservation and value, it is really not easy to choose a modern jewelry brand, and the auction of antiques is relatively feasible.
    It Shenzhen is a well -known jewelry processing distribution center. There are many high -quality jewelry design and do not lose the international brand at all. There are also many jewelry brands in China, with chain stores all over the country.

    The brands in Hong Kong, China are:
    Zhou Dafu, Zhou Shengsheng, Liufu Jewelry, Xie Ruilin, etc.

    It domestic jewelry brands:
    IDO, Lao Fengxiang, Dream Deing, Tide Hongji, Mingpai, Chow Tai Sheng, Mengjin Garden, Goldbely, Tongling, Old Temple Gold, Chiba, and so on.

    three provinces also have their most representative brands.
    Zhejiang Mancar, Mei Di, etc.
    It also has some well -known online brands on the Internet.
    diamond birds, Kelan diamonds, etc.
    These years, domestic jewelry brands have risen, especially Shenzhen, as the distribution center for Chinese jewelry processing wholesale, has produced many jewelry brands and competed with international first -tier brands.
    . Hong Kong brand
    Zhou Dafu, Zhou Shengsheng, Liufu, Xie Ruilin, etc. Zhou Dafu should be the elder brother of the Chinese jewelry industry, nearly more than 3,000 stores.

    Zhou Shengsheng pays great attention to brand cultural construction. Jewelry design is inspired. The retro style of England style is refreshing.
    . Other domestic brands
    Lao Fengxiang, Dai Mengde, Chaohongji, Mingpai, Chow Tai Sheng, Mengjin Garden, Jinbie, Tongling, Lao Temple Gold, Millennium and so on.

    . Some new naked diamond custom brands
    Thow birds, Kora diamonds, Klai, Zaki, Bloves, etc. There are cost -effectiveness, only suitable for not suitable, like or not.
    Why do you say that? Let me talk to you below. First of all, different brands of their jewelry styles are different, and the parameters of the main stone are different, so there is no comparability.
    Secondly, jewelry is in nature in nature,
    has a certain gap according to different prices of the origin, so the comparability is not strong.
    The last reason, which is also an important reason. The value of their brand is different, so it is difficult to compare.
    Therefore, there is no cost -effectiveness of jewelry, and who has low cost performance.
    For your problem, which domestic jewelry brand is cost -effective? In fact, it depends on what you think about cost -effectiveness.
    In you to know that the positioning of each jewelry brand is different, some positioning high -end, some positioning fashion, some positioning parity, etc. This will make their prices different. As far as the price is cost -effective, the price -performance ratio will It must be jewelry with the same parameters, and the price is high.
    It domestic jewelry brands, some old brands, because of high popularity, there are still some premiums, and the price is also a little expensive, but when you are engaged in activities, there will be discounts. If you do, the price / performance ratio is high.

    If you want to buy a diamond ring for your beloved person, then you can customize the diamond ring if you want to be cost -effective. There are also romantic meanings, such as Levis, only one person in the diamond ring, meaning only one person in his life.
    In short, the cost -effectiveness is high, and you need to compare the three houses, followed by your own needs, and select the cost -effectiveness according to the needs.

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