Why can't people from tigers wear gold?

5 thoughts on “Why can't people from tigers wear gold?”

  1. We all know that the value of gold is extremely high. Many people like to wear gold on their bodies, but it is best not to wear gold for those who belong to the tiger. Among the zodiac signs, the tiger is five ...

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the information is sorting out the informationnHello, the answers to the questions about "Tiger's people wearing gold" are answered as follows: Hello, the statement about tigers cannot replace money, it is a month. Not all can not be worn. The tiger people born in October and November of the lunar calendar should not wear gold jewelry, because most of the tigers born in the past two months are mostly strong and strong. In their lives, they like to compete for high and winning or losing. They do not know how to compromise and forbearance. The interpersonal relationship itself is poor. If wearing gold jewelry, it will aggravate the suffocation and unruly temperament of them. Under the role of gold jewelry, the tiger people have become more arrogant and rude. Not only will it have a series of conflicts with the people around them, it is also easy to cause the killing of the body, which is extremely unfavorable to their own fortune. In addition, gold not only cannot bring wealth to the tiger, but also leads to the emergence of wealth. Especially for the tiger people who do business, it is easy to break the capital chain and bankrupt.

  3. The zodiac tiger five elements belong to wood. Because of the golden Kimu, the people of the tiger should not bring gold and silver jewelry in the year of the tiger. In addition, the five elements are water raw wood, so for the tiger, crystal products are a very good choice.

  4. In fact, in numerology, including the five elements of gossip, there is no such statement. Anyone who belongs can wear gold jewelry. As long as you like it, you can do it. For some people, they may be gold in the five elements, so it is not recommended to wear metals.

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