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  1. wholesale engraving machine jewelry factory 1. Introduction to permanent contract

    1. Introduction

    OKEX perpetual contract is OKEX's virtual contract products for settlement with BTC and other currencies. For $ 100 BTC, investors can buy multi -contracts to obtain the income of rising blockchain asset prices, or obtain blockchain assets by selling shorts. The contract leverage multiple is 1 to 100 times.

    1. The difference between permanent contract and regular contract:

    In expiration date: There is a fixed expiration date for each delivery contract. The delivery price is one hour before the delivery of the delivery The index weighted the average price; the sustainable contract did not expire and never expired;

    funding costs: due to the date of delivery, the perpetual contract needs The contract price anchor the spot price;

    mading price: The sustainable contract uses the mark price to calculate the user's unable to achieve profit and loss, effectively reduce unnecessary frequent positions when market fluctuations;

    Daily settlement: Through daily settlement (Hong Kong time 17:00), the unrealized profit and loss will be converted to achieve profit and loss, and the flexibility of funds will be improved;

    Users maintain the minimum margin rate required for the current position. When the margin rate is lower than the maintenance margin rate, it will trigger the burst or mandatory part to reduce the position. For users with different positions, OKEX implements a staircase to maintain margin rate system, that is, the larger the position of the user's position, the higher the deposit rate, the lower the maximum leverage that the user can choose Warehouse: For users with a large position and in the level of Level 3 and above, when the margin rate is lower than the current gear maintains the margin rate, but when the minimum gear is maintained, the deposit rate is Essence

    The system will calculate the number of positions required to reduce the position of two gears to reduce the number of positions, and perform partial reduction. After the successful file reduction, if the margin rate meets the requirements of the new gear to maintain the deposit rate, part of the position reduction is stopped; if it still does not meet the requirements of the maintenance margin rate of the new gear, it will continue to circulate part of the position reduction process.

    In positioning mode, during the compulsory part of the position reduction process, the position of the position was frozen and unable to perform related operations; in the full position mode, during the compulsory part of the position, Related operation.

    2. Contract elements


    3. Symbol rate

    n n n n n n n n n n n n R n. Index calculation rules

    It to ensure that the price of the spot index is reasonably reflected in the fair spot market price of each currency, we will choose more than 3 mainstream trading platforms for each contract currency For the index weight component and design the logic of abnormal processing, to ensure that the price of a single exchange is deviated sharply, the index fluctuates within the normal range.

    1. Contract currency spot index price composition list:

    qq screenshot .jpg
    nqq screenshot .jpg n
    2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 . The spot index price calculation logic:


  2. metal stamping jewelry supplies wholesale The leverage is to allocate assets in the spot market through the method of borrowing the platform, and the operation process will include the borrowing rate transaction rate. The contract is a mode of delivery, which means that before the transaction, you can choose the leveraged multiple of the product itself. This model removes the operation of lever in the spot market to borrow currency.
    [2]. The definition is different:
    The leverage transaction is to use a small amount of funds to invest several times to the original amount, in order to expected to obtain a few times the rate of return of the relative investment target, or losses. The contract is the buyer to receive a certain asset at a specific price after a specified time, and the seller agrees that the agreement to deliver a certain asset at a specific price after a specified time

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