wholesale silver eagle jewelry iOS10 accesss Bitcoin payment, the payment revolution is coming?

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  1. hemp jewelry beads wholesale [Okcoin Original] With the listing of the iPhone 7, in the iOS 10 that will be released this month, Circle's Bitcoin wallet will be implanted in iMessage of Apple. This is a great progress for the development of the Bitcoin industry. The price of Bitcoin has continued to rise recently. According to data from OKCoin, the largest Bitcoin trading platform in China, the opening price of Bitcoin today is 4170 yuan. The price direction has been hovering at 4150-4190 yuan directly.

    In the upcoming iOS 10 update, it includes a newly designed iMessage service that developers can implant third -party apps on this platform. The iMessage SMS service currently in the beta test version has added a lot of APPs, and it also comes with music and GIF picture sharing functions. Some third -party platforms have been confirmed to settle in, including Square Cash, Lyft and Circle Pay.
    Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire said that adding payment services to iMessage will benefit consumers.

    It is difficult to install a smartphone app to directly install, so transfer with friends to go through a long input and setting process. But it is much simpler if it is directly implanted in the iMessage App.

    Apple is preparing for Bitcoin?

    In January 2014, Apple fully blocked the Bitcoin wallet on the iOS platform. Multiple apps, including, Coinbase and Coinjar, are forced to get off the shelves.

    Bitcoin enthusiasts were very angry after learning the news, but soon they were shocked and happy because of the return of the wallet app. In July of the same year, the Apple App Store restored the use of some Bitcoin wallets. However, Apple's "taste" is very picky. This summer, the Apple App Store barely accepted the Ethereum wallet, but only chose a few APPs.

    Recently, Apple sneered at Dash. Not only is it eliminated in its iOS device, but also repeatedly urged the JAXX wallet developers to remove the world currency, otherwise the wallet will be removed from the application store.
    It's combination of Circle Pay and iMessage can be seen that in addition to "condolences" from time to time, Ethereum and Dashi, this technology giant seems to be compared to Tetcoin. Theoretically, Circle's Bitcoin payment service is open to such a huge customer base, which will only further popularize the use of Bitcoin.

    For Apple's access to Bitcoin payment, Okcoin founder and CEO said:
    "This is one of the typical applications of Bitcoin in the field of cross -border remittances . Apple follows the trend of science and technology and take the lead in supporting Bitcoin remittance applications, which will bring huge convenience to users. In addition, although there have been a lot of alternative payment methods in recent years, there are currently no Bitcoin. The more perfect product that can truly help merchants solve the cost of avoiding credit card costs and exempted costs generated by currency conversion. Bitcoin can help users get rid of these restraints, although many opponents currently have all kinds of cryptocurrencies to cryptocurrencies. Dissatisfaction and doubt, but it is undeniable that encrypted digital currency technology has become part of global financial reform. OKCoin is committed to providing professional trading services, which can also provide users with safe storage solutions and promote industry development. , We believe that the era of "revolutionary" is about to come.
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