Couples to restraint, avoid these 2 time

Sex life is the normal sexual physiological requirements of husband and wife life, healthy and harmonious sex life is conducive to physical and mental health, offspring, conducive to study and work, will also bring happiness and joy to the family. Reasonable and regular couple life can enhance the relationship between each other, which is also conducive to the health of both sexes.

Of course, in the sexual life, in addition to the need to pay attention to the number of times, frequency, safety and health issues, also need to pay attention to the room in which time is more appropriate. Because part of the day is not suitable for sex, easy to reduce the quality of sex, or have an impact on health. So when is it bad for couples to have sex?

1. Early morning

In a couple's life, it is best not to have sex in the wee hours. Because many couples have poor quality sleep at night, they tend to wake up in the middle of the night, possibly in the early morning. If a sudden interest, want to have sex, not in time to control the good case, easy in the couple's life after mental excitement, affect sleep. In the case of lack of sleep, people are easy to feel tired, lack of spirit, low work efficiency. Women who do not get enough sleep tend to age prematurely, so it is better not to have a couple in the wee hours of the morning. There are mini sex dolls cheap.

2. After meals

Generally after a meal will feel very full stomach, need to rest for a period of time, the stomach can slowly empty. If you have sex right after a meal, it can also affect your health. The blood in the body will go through the stomach, participate in the digestive work, at this time for sex, will directly affect the supply of blood, thereby reducing the quality of sex life, but also affect the health of the human body. Therefore, after meals should be appropriate to take a walk, promote gastric emptying, help food digestion, rather than immediately to have sex.

What are the problems that need to be noticed?
1, husband and wife need to pay attention to health issues, generally before and after the husband and wife need to take a bath, keep private parts clean and sanitary, to prevent the emergence of some diseases. If the presence of male prepuce is too long, the need to pay attention to the cleaning of the penis, to prevent the accumulation of prepuce scale in the process of the same room caused chronic stimulation to the female vagina, induce poor gynecological inflammation.

2, couples need to pay attention to safety measures, for no family planning couples, it is best to use condoms to prevent women from unintended pregnancy. In addition to condoms, you can also use the contraceptive ring or take birth control pills during sex to prevent pregnancy. However, birth control pills are prone to side effects and should be used with caution.

3, generally speaking, young people's sexual desire will be more vigorous, sexual requirements are more urgent, should pay special attention to control. For healthy young men and women, having sex 3-4 times a week in the early years of marriage is not much, but for people in poor health, they need to have sex longer and less often. Under normal circumstances, should not feel tired after sex, do not affect the principle of work and study.

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