Arsenal away 3-0 Oxford United advance to Manchester City

Arsenal at Oxford United (League One, Division 3), FA Cup 3rd round.

The first half, the two sides you come to me, no achievements, half a 0-0 draw; ‚Äčin the second half, Vieira sent two assists, Elneny and Nketya finished the goal, Nketya received Martinez's assist to complete the double + seal the victory.

Arsenal beat Oxford United 3-0 to advance to the FA Cup fourth round against Manchester City, where Arteta and Pep Guardiola staged a master-apprentice clash.real valladolid vs celta vigo lineups.

Arsenal in half rotation, 3-0 away to Oxford United through to the FA Cup 4th round, will take on Manchester City!

With Arsenal's focus on winning the Premier League title this season, Arteta has been able to rotate appropriately for additional games. Fa Cup the third round, Arsenal away against League One team Oxford United, Arteta out 433 formation: N 'Ketia in front, on both sides are Arsenal's strongest winger Martinez and Sacca, Lokunga, Elneny, Vieira formed three midfield, Tierney, Gabriel, Halding, Fuan Jian Yang formed four back, Turner as goalkeeper. Erdegaard, Xhaka (substitute), Thomas three absolute main midfield get rotation rest.

Arsenal were on fire in the second half of a 0-0 draw at Oxford United, with 22-year-old Portuguese midfielder Fabio Vieira setting up two assists, while Elneny and Nketia scored, who replaced Gersus (out for three months) with a brace from Martinelli.

In the end, Arsenal won 3-0 away to Oxford United, smoothly qualified for the FA Cup fourth round, will face strong rivals Manchester City, Arteta and Guardiola. This pair of masters and apprentices ushered in a showdown.

Throughout the game, Arsenal had 64 percent of possession and had 11 shots on goal, four of them on target. Oxford United had seven shots, three of them on target.

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