2022 The hottest necklace style

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  1. The hottest necklace model of 2022 is as follows:
    1, heart -shaped diamond necklace
    romantic heart shape, diamond is the best friend of women, passed into the diamond, just like a woman's elegant posture, inlaid diamond necklace It is the display of the extraordinary identity of the wearer. This shape of the necklace has always been a favorite style of girls, as well as the surrounding diamond inlaid, showing the richness and gorgeous appearance of the woman's heart.
    2, circular necklace
    The circular shape is the most perfect shape in the world. The exquisite and bright jewelry is mostly round and magnificent gem ring. The large circle earrings of the Yang Yang also have recently popular coin necklaces. The circular pendant is decorated with humanistic elements such as long -term relief letters, showing a classic cultural atmosphere.
    3, coin necklace
    coin necklace quickly became one of the most popular necklace head jewelry. And it is also very convenient to wear, very versatile, a ordinary short sleeve can be well matched. Many celebrities and bloggers have focused on this RMB chain.
    4, letters necklace
    The design of the letter necklace is relatively simple, but it is delicate and shining. It is generous. The part below is made of 18K gold. Although the design is relatively simple, its connotation is rich and has a unique meaning. In addition to the classic combination of 18K gold and plus diamonds, the letter necklace of silver, hollowed outlets and flower body is also derived, which is overwhelming.
    5, Xiaoman waist necklace
    Xiaoman waist necklace is a more classic style. Some domestic jewelery brands, such as Zhou Dafu, Zhou Dasheng, Tide Macros, and Liufu Jewelry, etc., all of which have been launched as small waist, which are similar in appearance. Guangzhou Tagar is affectionately called "Guangzhou Xiaoman waist" for its unique design lines.

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