How much is a DR ring?

How much is a DR ring? How much does it cost to buy diamond ring for proposal?

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  1. The price of the DR ring ranges from thousands of yuan to 15 million, because the price of diamond ring is mainly affected by diamonds. The higher the diamond (weight, cutting, color, and clarity) level, the more expensive. However, I personally think that no matter how much DR diamond rings, the only meaning of the true love in his life is the same. Men customize with their ID cards and can only send one person's ring in their lives to prove your specialty and courage. I can buy a diamond ring for her. The most important thing is to be in place. You really love her, and you are willing to give her the only vow in this life and follow the actual actions. According to Western statements, the proposal diamond ring is generally reasonable to buy a man's 2-3 months of salary. You can refer to it.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, dear ~ dear ~, I am Xiao Zhou, you have received your question, sort out the answer ~ Please wait a while, reply to you in about five minutes, please wait patiently ~nHello, the price span of the DR diamond ring is still quite large. The overall price is 3000 to 10W. Different prices correspond to different consumers.n1. The price of love in love with one heart in the Sweetie series is 3049. This design looks like it is very unique and unique. The drill above is 5 points, H color. The design inspiration of the Sweetie series comes from Ivy. After the Ivy vine grows to a certain period, the leaves will be like heart. A bright and moving mind symbolizes the love of one heart, firm and long -lasting beauty. At different stages of life, you can use different diamond rings to witness. Author: Strawberry Sauce Link:/Question/428404509/ANSWER/Source: Zhihu's copyright belongs to the author. For business reprints, please contact the author to get authorized. Please indicate the source for non -business reprints.nThis is an ordinary one I found onlinen2. Forever series simple Forever series simple models, 10 -point drill, H color, 3899 can be bought. The elegant four -claw inlaid shows the light of the diamond, symbolizing love and responsibility. The diamond -shaped claws are also unique, simple and smart. Pay attention to details in the craftsmanship, showing the simple and charming emotional beauty.nBelieve Simplified luxury Believe Simplified luxury price is less than 10,000 yuan. This model is very cost -effective. The main drill is available from 15 to 23, and you can buy it at 6309. The main drill is a heart -shaped hexagonal inlaid, which is a sense of vision like the beginning of the snow, showing fresh and playfulness. Snowflake hugged the main drill, implying that he kept one person in his life. If you are a girl with a small meat hand, you can choose the elegant series of Believe. The elegant is twisting. The twisting arm is relatively hidden, which is more friendly to the meat hands and looks more slender and thin.nThe My Heart series is happy with the heart 18 points, J color, the price is 5419. This one also has a 30 -point drill. In the future, you can also upgrade a drill. The main diamond is a single classic heart -shaped drill. The three -claws are inlaid and concise, and then with a twisting arm, like the lover's arms. The heart -shaped diamond also expresses love more romantic, symbolizing eternal love.nThe Wendding Blossom Blossom Blossom series is divided into three models: romantic bouquet, love bouquet, and bride's bouquet. The romantic bouquet is even more brilliant in my opinion. Romantic bouquets 17 points main drills, H color, the price is 8119. This design inspiration comes from the bouquets at the wedding. A circle of mosaic, a circle of broken diamonds around the main diamond, making this bouquet ring more dazzling. The twisted arms have added a bit of charm. This ring means that the groom is only for the bride in his life.n6 morenBleak

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