Can the household ultrasonic cleaning machine wash jewelery jewelry?

There are dirt in the thin seams of jewelry jewelry. Can I clean it with hand washing. Can the household ultrasonic cleaning function be washed?

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  1. Due to the relatively small power of the home-type jewelry ultrasonic cleaning machine on the market, it will actually not cause harm to jewelry. For example, the ultrasonic power of the VGT-2000 jewelry ultrasonic cleaning machine is 35W. In fact, most of the home series ultrasonic cleaning machine It is all this power. When you work, you can extend your hands into the experience. There is a slight oscillation. This power is more appropriate for cleaning jewelry. It can be cleaned and not damaged to jewelry. When cleaning, it is also necessary to use neutral cleaning agents to clean it. It is more secure to use the brand of jewelry cleaning machine with jewelry cleaning machine. However, in the case of cracks or gemstone loosening, it should be sent to professional institutions to repair to avoid cleaning the jewelry ultrasonic cleaning machine to avoid causing incompetent losses.
    If Don't worry about using jewelry ultrasonic cleaning machine to wash your jewelry, you can choose to be cleaned manually, dilute the water with neutral cleaning agent, and then soak the jewelry in it. After rinse it with tap water, it can be air -dried, but it will be relatively troublesome. If it is not cleaned properly, it is easy to scratch the surface of the jewelry. So if it is not the four gem jewelry mentioned above, Xiaobian is still more inclined to use the jewelry ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean the jewelry.

  2. [Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning silver jewelry] Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning silver jewelry will not cause any damage to the silver jewelry, but the ultrasonic cleaning function can wash off the dust in the silver groove, but the oxidation layer on the surface of the silver decoration cannot Too significant.
    The silver jewelry can be wiped with a rag with alcohol, and then washed in water.

  3. You can clean the jewelry. Many jewelry shops use the Jiemeng brand JP-3800S small ultrasonic cleaning machine. The appearance is fashionable, ABS waterproof material, ultrasonic cleaning 360 degrees cleaning, cleaner.

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