What should I do if I buy fake jewelry at Tiancheng Jewelry

2 thoughts on “What should I do if I buy fake jewelry at Tiancheng Jewelry”

  1. The bells under the silver lock you bought in most jewelry stores are copper. The hardness of the silver is not enough. The sound is stuffy. The sound of copper is plated with copper.
    The case of bells have been reported as early as last year, and many businesses still calculate the weight of copper bells as silver.

    . The seller is not morally, and it is not clear to you when selling. The price of silver has fallen a lot than a year, and you calm down.
    The was nearly 7 yuan before, and now it is less than 4 yuan.

    It silver is easy to oxidize. If you do n’t wear it, clean it. The sweat stains left on it will speed up silver oxide. Cleaning and maintaining silver can be used to use silver cloth or toothpaste at home. Put a thousand bags and install it. It is best not to touch the air.

    The you should wash them for you at the time, and it was almost the same as the new after washing.

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