For the first time giving a gift to his girlfriend, to give her a courier, what should I give? I hope to move her! Don't copy it!

My girlfriend is now in the field, what should I give her? I have to be creative and able to move her!

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  1. It feels good to send flowers, you can write what you want to say to her on the card. If your friend is in the field, you can also order flowers through the flower website, order directly on the Internet, select the bouquet, and fill in your friend's name, contact information, and address clearly, and the website will arrange to send it on time.
    The attention: It is best not to buy flowers on Taobao. If you buy other things, it is okay, but flowers are a special product, or it is more appropriate to buy on a certain scale website or flower shop to buy a certain scale or flower shop. Taobao is generally personal, and the quality of the product is not guaranteed. They generally find the courier company to send flowers. The express company is not very professional for the delivery of flowers. I do n’t know what it will look like to send it to your friend. A scale of flowers or companies have their own distribution teams. They are more professional for flowers, and they have their own franchise stores across the country. It is recommended that you still find a website to see if they have the ICP filing number certified by the Ministry of Information Industry, and see if they have a regular business license. These are necessary proofs.
    The recommend a "Aila flower art flower gift network". They have good service and are regular companies. I have booked flowers before they have been. I am still satisfied. The landlord can consult.
    I I wish the building is smooth.

  2. What kind of birthday gift is also the most headache for an annual headache. The couple's birthday, the drunkard's intention is not liquor, lies in deepening the feelings of each other. There are other important festivals in the birthday, and the couples have become Valentine's Day. Originally, the couple did not let go of any opportunity to express love. Many girls who love and coquettishly gave BF a problem early. What gifts to give me this year's birthday? I don't want it. BF is going to dig a hollow and think of Christmas gifts. Similarly, GF must also take care of your boyfriend, you can't think of yourself blindly, and you must think about what gifts to send. It seems that love is not just sweet, but also a little happy torture.
    The words of words, let's talk about the top ten birthday gifts for couples. The characteristics of these birthday gifts are DIY, which is a distinctive personality, which satisfies the feeling of her (he) that she (he) is reluctant. Of course, considering the popularity, all the things are recommended by dozens of yuan. It is not recommended for gifts of hundreds of yuan, thousands of yuan, there are everywhere. Because it is not expensive, you can consider choosing a variety of types, and the combination of fist is powerful.
    1. Make a doll of her (he) image, highlight her (him) characteristics and costumes. When the other party sees this stuff, listening to how you overcome the difficulty of difficulties, you have to be moved! Pottery, glass and other materials are available.
    , pajamas. Pajamas are universal gifts. Because you don't need to consider the size of the number, you can wear it, not like the clothes wearing the outside may be more picky. Moreover, pajamas are worn closely, letting your lover miss you while sleeping.
    three, silk scarf. Silk scarf is the best embellishment in winter. You can always match your lover's clothes to make your winter warm.
    . The current 2008 Olympic Fuwa is very cute. Sending her a set of she will like it. It is more expensive to send the largest plush toy. You can send a single one. Chinese people spend a lot of effort to make a lot of effort.
    five, a beautiful bracelet, preferably the one that is tangled together with silver and white. In the future, you can wear it every day, see the beautiful bracelet, and think of sweet lover. I think this method can be brightened when it is sent, and the joy will last long.
    . 6. 10 yuan to love the wall to send him a blessing note to write the words of how you love him or her or her. The note is permanently treasured in love walls. As a testimony of your love, it is very memorable after 10 years and 8 years.
    Seven, high-end laptop packages 16 yuan, high-end pens and packaging of 12 yuan, a pen of 25 yuan, an simple type of card card 2 yuan-5 yuan.
    8. Nutrition products, supplements, men will send 90 yuan, and women will give 60-70 yuan for women. The elderly will send 100 yuan for the old man, and the child will send a large box of Danish cookies. Sending nutrition is always universal, now everyone pays attention to good health!
    nine, MP3 or recording pen. Knowing what she likes, paying attention to what she said, girls sometimes imply, intentionally or unintentional. Fill the songs that he or she likes or your recording. Let her (he) listen on the spot.
    This, a meal of McDonald's, KFC or steak package. Especially for steak packages, only 30 yuan/serving can have red wine, steak, bread, and additional Christmas gifts. The romantic atmosphere will definitely enhance your feelings!

    or the following things can be selected according to the different identities and personality of girls:
    Music box: Most of the tenderness
    Music box is always a gift that girls like , Especially partially quiet girls.

    Chocolate: It is indispensable to contain love in your mouth
    The Valentine's Day chocolate. The chocolate on the market is really dazzling, such as Jibaili, Dove, Jinsha, etc.
    The gift to eat. It is happy to have chocolate on Valentine's Day.

    The warm scarf: The feeling of warmth is in my heart

    In the day of the cold attack, this is a very intimate gift, according to the daily clothes type of his girlfriend or what she likes The color and clothing quality
    , choose the most beautiful and most suitable scarf. On Valentine's Day, gently gently gently surrounded her, making her smile tell you that she felt so dull.
    Crystal: Crystal clear, with sweet

    to send crystals to lover, it is a good choice. The price of crystal ranges from tens to hundreds. And there are many types, among which crystal apples
    are welcome to welcome with double dolls. Crystal, shows the tenderness between the lover.

    qq gifts: commemorating the romantic network love

    now, many strange men and women know each other through the Internet, so that romantic network love has begun. On a special day,
    How can I forget the cute little penguin? Give her QQ and think of the warmth of the past from the gift. Lover gives each other gifts, heavy love
    not heavy gold. As long as you really use your heart, no matter what gift you give to your girlfriend, she will receive the affection you conveyed.

    Jewelry jewelry: Gently hide my love

    If of your financial ability permit, then you can consider sending jewelry to jewelry. Choosing a hand -made, designed platinum or pearl
    , she can feel your feelings. It also shows that your love for her "love is better than Jin Jian".

    The Valentine's Day giving gifts

    to this day, the diversity of the gift is diverse, so that people have more choices on Valentine's Day. In the face of different objects, the gifts given to each other also become different, and the techniques cannot be ignored.

    In the crush on the crush

    He or she is the object of your secret love and favorite. You should not say nothing on Valentine's Day. If you are not sure that the other person's feelings for you, just to express your love to her (he), and do not pursue the results, then a bunch of flowers that do not sign your sign can convey your affection. Of course, what you want to care about is not to get married for others in the end. If you want to imply the invitation from the other party, then a exquisite and unique lover card can be cleverly tentative to the attitude of the other party, and it is no harm.

    In the boss of the opposite sex

    In the face of your good boss, be careful. This is not only the category of emotion, but also related to your own work and your own work and The other party's career. Therefore, you must not give a huge or expensive gift, so as not to be lost to you, it is not good for you and him or her. If the relationship between the two parties is very subtle, then you may wish to give some conventional gifts, candy, and chocolate snacks of Valentine's Day. Essence

    In the network lover

    In the emerging online lover will be a special example in your lover's career. Maybe you haven't seen each other, but why you have met each other, and the Internet provides you with a large enough interface. You don't need to spend too much money, as long as you use your imagination and do your best to get everything you can, you can get the recognition of the heart. Moreover, the online services are all: giving flowers, bubbles, gifts, love letters, etc., can make you love enough at a time.

    In lovers who are in love

    The show of love in love, although they will be blinded by a moment of enthusiasm, all the gifts sent by the lover are all gifts for the lover. Gladly accepted. It is the most suitable gift that can further enhance the relationship between the two people; a stylish style couple can display you as a pair of close lovers on any occasion; Like returning to the childhood of two little guessing, the feelings suddenly became pure. If you want to suggest that the other party can consider marriage, a symbolic ring is also the best gift for Valentine's Day.

    Inded to the previous lover

    The times of time, love moves with the matter, but maybe you still miss the love of the past. Anyway, it is not sinful to send your intentions while this day. A book that the two loved to watch or a movie before can evoke the nostalgia for the emotions of the past.

    In the lover who cannot be disclosed

    For some reasons, your love relationship cannot be shared by more people. Do you feel a little regrettable? To make love God unknowingly lingering around, you can send him (her) a bottle of couple perfume. Other people seem to be available everywhere, but you can secretly feel the breath of the two of you. Even if he is not next to him, his taste still makes you difficult to resist.

    In the lover in the quarrel

    The on the eve of Valentine's Day, you are still arguing, it is really a big scene. But fortunately, on this day, you can make you decent. Think about what the other person's favorite. In addition to his or her favorite, the couple doll bear with a stingy state can make him or her smile. When they are suffering together, they indicate sweet heart -shaped chocolate, candy, and roses. These conventional Valentine's Day gifts cannot be omitted. If you don't want this relationship to end like this, you can't miss such a good day and good opportunity. Give the lover who breaks up

    "Today is Valentine's Day, you said to break up today ..." Sing in a song called "In the morning of Valentine's Day". On Valentine's Day, even if it is a breakup, it is full of romance. Although you can give up a relationship, you cannot refuse a memory. As a result, a pair of heart -shaped mini -lover frames can become the first choice for gift gifts. The two once smiled happily, staying on the photos, and always kept in my heart.

    The wife or husband

    The lovers in the world finally become dependents. For you who have lived together, Valentine's Day must be romantic but not too wasteful. The small coffee pot or the simple and elegant small tea set is very suitable. In the snowy night in winter, the two of you are sitting on the carpet with their backs and drinking tea. Does it feel good? At the same time, there are also some sexy underwear that can also be delivered in such a day, which not only warm, but also adding the taste of marriage life.
    is about to reach Valentine's Day, but because of his own reasons, you can't spend this time with your wife. I did not prepare any gifts to her, hoping to solicit 520 blessings to my wife, congratulations to her happy holidays, and I love her, and I only love her in my life.

    In other types of gifts are provided as a reference:
    (1) Cartoon and hair dolls can buy a good number 60 to 100 ....
    ( 2) Music box, girl reading likes romance .. It is best to send crystals .. Generally from 60 yuan to 100 yuan.
    (3) Mobile pendant ... I think this is good .. Yes, you can. It is more expensive to let girls take between 10 yuan and 20 yuan all day ... For example, some crystals .. Generally, it costs 50 yuan
    (4) bracelet, earrings, if you and the chain The girl is not too familiar, don't send this ... because bracelets, earrings, chains, etc. are sent by lovers ... Cooked people can also ... I do n’t bring it if it is unfamiliar .. She can't bring a bracelet, earrings, and chain chain that she doesn't like in front of her favorite person .. Oh ... should you send it? It ... this has a lot of levels .. You go to the boutique store to see.
    (6) Watch is also good ..
    (7) Some romantic, on her birthday, on her birthday 0:00 is the text message from 0:0:00 to her .. This is so difficult .. I will use me to send a few times to my sister's mobile phone .. When I sent it, she was very moved .. .
    The also send another text message to him at 24:00 ... Of course, the gift is given .... You have to ask others if you do n’t have a mobile phone to ask others to use it for one day
    n n n n n n n n n n n R n (8) Flower, every girl likes flowers. Although she said not, she wants to receive the flower ...

    . In the end, wish you all the best, haha ​​~

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