What are the JD coupons?

Where can I get it for free?

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  1. JD coupons have the following four categories:
    Jingtou: JD.com is common, there is no limit, category, shops, and regional restrictions. Single orders can be used by multiple Beijing coupons. Payment is reduced according to the total value of the face value. Special products cannot be used. When submitting an order using the Beijing voucher, if the amount of the Beijing coupon is greater than the order, the amount of the goods must be paid, and the difference will not be returned.
    East coupon: JD.com is common, there is a limited limit for use. When the total amount of the goods purchased in the order meets the east coupon limit, it can only be used. The amount of goods must be more than 2,000 yuan. The actual payment is 100 yuan after use. Special products cannot be used. Single orders can only use one east coupon, and cannot be used with any other coupons.
    Category of Beijing coupons: It is almost the same as the attributes of the Beijing voucher, but the use of the product category is limited, and only specific category products can be purchased, and there is no limited amount. When using the product Beijing voucher to submit an order, the products in the order must be within the scope of use, such as: 100 yuan limited books and audiovisual Beijing coupons. It contains non -book and audiovisual products, but this coupon cannot be used; single orders can be used by multiple categories of Beijing coupons, but the goods in the order need to meet the voucher conditions.
    Category East coupons: It is almost the same as the attributes of the East. In addition to the limits of the use limit, it is also restricted by the product category. You can only buy designated category products. When using the product-type voucher to submit an order, the order product and amount must meet the category and limited conditions before they can be used. For example, the book and audiovisual coupons of 2000-100. And the order payment amount needs to be more than 2,000 yuan; the single order can only use one category east coupon, and it cannot be used with any other coupon.

  2. There are several types of coupons, including full -time coupons, full category coupons, and so on.
    Ite search for coupons, you can send your favorite products to some software apps for receiving coupons to see, and you will immediately find relevant discount information. After you click to enter Essence
    The app software, you can find a lot through the application treasure on the mobile phone,

  3. Generally, there are two types of Beijing rolls and east volumes. There are not many Jingdong coupons. I saw that there seemed to be there on Huicha.com before. You can go to see if there is any more.

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