How many grams of gold ring?

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  1. Most ladies' gold rings are below 6 grams and men's gold rings are more than 6 grams.
    Generally speaking, the weight of the ring is 4 to 8 grams, so that even if the style is older in the future, this weight can also be processed and re -created to create a popular style. However, if it is a woman who "on heroes" with grams, then the gold ring multiple can make her married with you, which depends on the family situation of the man, and the degree of love for future wives in the future It's right.
    In precautions for the gold ring
    It when doing housework, it is best to remove the golden ring. The cleaning solution of the home contains acid or other chemical ingredients, so the surface of the gold ring can be appeded. If the gold ring is polluted by sweat, cosmetics and dust for a long time, it is easy to lose the original luster, so it needs to be cleaned regularly.
    If we usually do not wear a gold ring, we must put it in the jewelry box. It is best to store a soft cloth of the outer bread to avoid rubbing with other metal jewelry.

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