Jewelry with collection value

If the investment price of each object is between 5000-20000, the main things you want to collect are: gold chain, gemstone, beads, etc., want friends who know what to build, what kind of materials have the potential for appreciation?

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  1. People's living standards are continuously improved, and the requirements for jewelry such as jewelry are also increasing. They have the ability to buy more jewelry, and jewelry jewelry has become an important family asset investment allocation. There are many types of jewelry on the market, but not every kind of jewelry has investment value. Which jewelry has investment value?
    For jewelry investment, rareness is definitely necessary. The world's five precious gems: diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and golden emeralds are gem varieties with high rare nature. Diamond is a relatively special gem. Its market is monopolized by giant companies. The price has always been relatively stable. The investment threshold is relatively high. It is not the best choice. It is also very high.
    The ruby, sapphire, and emeralds are very hot jewelry investment varieties in the market. Their rareness is very high. As their output decreases sharply, the prices are also rising rapidly, especially high -quality rubies, sapphires, and sapphires, and sapphires, and sapphires, sapphires, and sapphires,, sapphires, and sapphires, and sapphires, and sapphires, and sapphires, and sapphires, and sapphires. Emerald is often a difficult situation. They all have a long history and high market awareness and recognition. The performance at the auction is also repeatedly innovative records. It is a very investment -value jewelry variety.
    . Although the golden emerald is located in the world's five famous precious gems, the rareness is also very high, but the market awareness and recognition are not as good as ruby, sapphire and emerald, so the investment popularity is slightly lower.
    . Although rareness is an important attribute to choose to invest in jewelry, only the recognition and popularity of only rare markets are poor, so its investment value will not be very high, and it may lose the market if it is too rare. The example of Shi is very rare. It is difficult to see the market. The market is well -known, the price is relatively stable, and there is almost no fluctuation.
    Jewelry investment still chooses a variety of gemstones with a high market visibility and high recognition.

  2. Of course it's gemstone!

    The Buddha beads, first of all, it depends on the material. If it is ivory, cherish it, or jade, please refer to jewelry;
    The price is relatively stable and generally does not rise and fall. Although gold is difficult to minimize, it is large in minerals and few quality differences, which is not conducive to investment!

    gems (including jade) will have a large appreciation, the most important reason is that the material of its materials is natural; when the materials are getting scarce, the price will rise rapidly; and now the common jewelry jade articles are now commonplace It may be difficult to find later-because good materials are getting less and less, this is certain.

    among the jade collections in recent years (2-5 years), Nanyang Dushan jade has the largest appreciation, and it has doubled. Its minerals are getting less and less, and it is difficult to find! If you are interested, please contact me!

  3. The collection investment is nothing more than to appreciate the assets. It is necessary to collect scarce things:

    The gold collections, but not gold jewelry, but not processed bricks and gold bars. Gold's realization ability is elsewhere. The pawnshop, jewelry processing and other places are collected by gold, and they can be used to buy things. But there is no gemstone in gold appreciation space.

    The gems must reach a certain level. If the top -level things in similar gems can there be room for appreciation, and the garbage goods will always be the bottom.

    The beads depends on the material.

    Iwen gems, enough gems. What you want to earn is the cost of time and cannot be rushed.

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