How much does a laser marking machine cost?

For typing and printing on gold and silver jewelry, what kind of laser marking machine is used to use the effect? Request sharing.

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  1. What is your print content?
    The type of price and type and its configuration
    Yinma laser node machines include CO2, fiber, semiconductor, end pump and other types of laser machines,
    ym-1250 laser machine laser coding speed can be available. It reaches 270 meters/minute, the font is clear, the long-lasting
    ym-1330 customized laser machine, the beam is delicate, the anti-color is clear, the apple quality
    Yinma series laser machines in plastic products, metal products, electronics, food, food, food, food Many industries such as special materials have been widely used.

  2. Gold and silver jewelery must be marked with a fiber laser laser, and the ring and the inner side of the bracelet also need to be equipped with a rotating fixture. As for the price of laser marking machines with different power, the price is different. Generally, 20W is sufficient. The price is about 16,000 yuan, and the price of synchronous rotation fixture is about 1,000 yuan. Hope the original poster is adopted!

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