Will it be too cumbersome with a golden bracelet when wearing a golden ring?

4 thoughts on “Will it be too cumbersome with a golden bracelet when wearing a golden ring?”

  1. When your gold jewelry is simple/geometric/coin/letter, or the gothic style such as the cross, your dress style will have a little cool feeling, so as not to grow up It will be exquisite but a small sense of qi. Afraid of gold bracelets and bracelets will deform, then we do it by ourselves (it doesn't matter if you don't do it, as long as you buy a golden jewelry clerk will help you), manual weaving models are equivalent Small gold objects, circle mouth versions are you mentioned
    The gold jewelry on the market is very fashionable, including craftsmanship is also very advanced. A simple rope is equipped with a hard gold, hanging on the bag is particularly expensive, and it is also appropriate to do car hanging. When we were young, we all felt that gold jewelry was the exclusive jewelry of the mother. I felt that gold jewelry represents "tacky" and "old qi", but in fact, with the advancement of design, gold jewelry has become more and more fashionable. Everyone is rushing to wear it! In recent years, gold jewelry has really become more fashionable and beautiful in recent years, and it has no longer the old age. Especially Zhou Dafu has really made gold jewelry in the past two years. The matching of gold jewelry grasped the relationship between people and things. First of all, the person is the main characteristics; the common characteristics of girls highlight the elements such as fashion youth, sunny vitality, romantic dreams. For example, there are many girls' dreamy romantic stories in colors and shapes and subject elements. For example, cartoon anime, stars, moon, animal plants, small flowers and grass, etc. These are the drunken love of girls. The effects of the size, weight, thickness, and length of the style are also different.
    The necklace can not only modify your face lines, but also extend your body proportion. The collarbone chain is often friendly to thin girls, so the necklace of normal length can be more modified and finishing touch. The gold necklace can choose one. One short stack, a little more street fashion, or choosing a golden pearl necklace, the gentle and temperament pearl weakened the golden local tyrant.

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