How much is the recovery price of 750K gold in August 2020?

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  1. As of August 2020, the 750K gold recovery price is: about 400 yuan/gram; the price of K gold recovery is changed daily. 750 represents 75%of the gold content, and only 18K gold is printed with 750 in jewelry, because 18K gold is a gold with a content of 75%. Other jewelry is 75%without precious metals.
    k gold recovery is priced according to the gold content. The higher the color, the higher the price. K gold recovery is only based on the color. As long as the color is the same, the price of the recycling is naturally the same.

    extension information:
    As long as the gold is called the current weight of the gold decoration, don't just think it is The gold is the golden heavy, and the gold will be damaged after a long time. force. Don't just wash the gold ornaments in an irregular place. Maybe you will have less gold jewelry.
    Is when you go to gold recovery, you should pay attention to it, be careful of the recycling personnel to steal gold in the name of cleaning; be careful of the recycling person to steal gold by the name of the fire. Instead, you should go to a regular store to recycle gold.

  2. How much is the recovery price of 750 gold in August 2020? At present, the price of gold has risen to 440 yuan per gram, and the recovery price should not be less than 400 yuan?

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