How to pick up the gold necklace?

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  1. Many people particularly like to wear gold jewelry. The price of gold is stable and anti -inflation is a very good value preservation and value -added precious metal! Many people also like to buy the gold necklace, but it is easy to break the gold necklace in the normal wear process.
    In daily life, the gold necklace is one of the most commonly worn jewelry worn by women. The bright and gorgeous gold necklace can not only set off the elegant and noble temperament of women, but also give people a noble temperament. However, the gold necklace occasionally breaks during wearing, causing many people to be helpless and sad. So what are the maintenance tips for the problem of the broken gold necklace? The reason for gold jewelry itself. Gold is a soft precious metal. The higher the purity, the softer, the easier it is to deform. In recent years, the styles of jewelry have become more and more fashionable. Some special styles are easily deformed and fractured for long -term stress deformation due to the stress structure.
    The second is the external force factor. The maintenance of jewelry is a very important thing. The correct approach is to take the necklace before doing clothes such as changing clothes and bathing. However, many people often forget this, causing the necklace to hang their hair, towels, and clothing. This kind of hanging causes the external force of the necklace is the most common and most common reason for the necklace.
    three is the process factor. Some low -end brand jewelry manufacturing processes are not closed. If the welding joint process is poor, problems such as virtual welding occur, which can also cause necklace to break.
    . What should I do if the golden necklace is broken?
    1, welding
    It if your necklace is broken in daily wearing, you can bring your jewelry and bill to the store you purchased. Let the technicians help you to see if you can repair it. Many gold shops now have professional welding equipment to welded the broken gold necklace.
    2, change of money
    If the necklace cannot be maintained, you can consider changing money at this time, add some old cash on the basis of old cities, make up for a certain difference to replace a new jewelry Essence
    3, return furnace
    Coloning the gold shop to build the necklace for back furnace, you can re -create a gold necklace or use the melted gold necklaces to create a gold ring, gold bracelet, gold pendant and other accessories, the purity and original gold of gold and the original original The same, but you can get another one you like, you can experience another different visual experience, so that you have a freshness.
    4, changed to gold inlaid jade
    now gold inlaid jade is also very popular. If the gold necklace is broken, you can let it return to the furnace to rebuild, plus the embellishment of jade articles The work not only has the noble sense of gold, but also has a sense of jade.
    . How to prevent the broken gold necklaces?
    If want to prevent the gold necklace from broken, you should find the response strategy from the cause of the gold necklace. The clothes are easy to scrape to the necklace, so you can take off the necklace before doing these things.
    . How should the gold necklace be dealt with?
    1. After the gold necklace is broken, many people will connect the necklace at home to continue wearing. The best way to break again is that after the golden necklace is broken, it is saved with jewelry boxes or jewelry bags and sent to a professional jewelry shop to repair it to ensure that the break is re -adhered to the firmness.
    2. Many people should have seen the handicraft workshop of gold and silver processing. If the gold necklace we wear is broken, it is also a choice to go to such a workshop to help melt It is not particularly formal, so there will be a certain danger.
    3. If your necklace is purchased at a regular counter, the most secure way is to go to the counter for how to repair it, so the quality is more guaranteed.
    4. If your gold necklace is broken after the technician test is not repaired, and you have high requirements for the beauty of the necklace, then it is recommended that you go to the counter for the change of money and use the broken gold necklace chain It is also a good choice to change a new beautiful necklace, but the necklace needs to be replaced with a certain difference. Specifically, you need to consult the store.
    Finally, the gold necklace is actually not as fragile as everyone imagined. We only need to wear carefully and carefully in the process of wearing, and the golden chain of the golden chain between the neck will definitely not be so easy to break.

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  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am glad to answer you. As far as I know, go to the store for repair during the shelf life.n1. The gold necklace can be replaced with the invoice to the purchase office. You can also go to the purchase store for free maintenance, as long as the necklace is during the warranty period. If the necklace cannot be welded, the necklace can be made into other styles. 2. Generally, if you leave an invoice, you can refund the gold necklace purchased in formal counters. The premise is that during the shelf life, if the shelf life is over, the maintenance fee may be charged. 3. If you wear a long time, it is recommended to polish the necklace into other styles, such as ring. 4. You can also choose a discount to replace the new style, which is also carried out in the counter you purchased.nI have had the same situation before. I directly went to the store to choose a new price. I think the new one looks better.nHelping you is my honor, I hope my answer is helpful to you ☺️☺️nMore 2nBleak

  4. Which store to pick up and pick it up, there are also chain stores who are not in the same city. Valuable jewelry, I ca n’t pick up well, and I do n’t worry about the personal shops outside. So I recommend that you go to the store for sale and ask them to help.

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