Why did Xibao's murderous murderer's mother?

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  1. The reason for the mother who wants to kill Xibao in "Xibao" is that the desire to control the gesture is very strong. She killed the person she likes and killed her mother, but in order to want Xibao to rely on him in this world, Become a thing in his palm, of course, this is just guessing.
    But the cause of Xibao's death was not really expressed at the end of the film. After going to Europe, Xibao's mother noticed that she and her husband had cultural differences and gaps. She also felt very collapse in life. She lost her spiritual sustenance and chose to commit suicide.
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    The high school student at the Saint Trinity College of the Cambridge Bridge of Jiangxi Bridge. Although Xibao's actual age is only two years older than clever, she consciously is much larger than the other party. Because people have not been old -hearted, she has prematurely appreciated the difficulties in the world and is worried about her future tuition and life.
    Faced with the temptation of money, Xibao just tangled a little, and quickly made a decision. For her, solving the current economic pressure, changing the embarrassing situation has been given priority.

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